Jim and Pam – Casino Night

Pam looking at her hands is definitely the saddest thing I’ve drawn.


About a year and a dozens drawings later, I’ve reached the episode with all the feels, Casino Night. To paraphrase Kelly on the Office, how can something so beautiful be so sad?


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Casino Night – 10 Years Later

Hey Office Flans! If you can believe it, today is the the 10th anniversary of the airing of Casino Night. This Second Season finale, written by Steve Carell himself, gave us so many great things: Dinkin’ Flicka, Scrantonicity, Afghanistinanis, “I hate so much about the things you chose to be”, Michael having 2 Queens on Casino Night. And of course, this:

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EW.com talked to episode director Ken Kwapis about filming these watershed scenes for Jim & Pam.

Part of the style of the show was that it wasn’t important that actors hit precise marks. And in [the scene in the parking lot] in particular, there were times when one actor would block the other, you wouldn’t have a good view or as much of a view if you had asked the actors to hit specific marks. To me, it helped sell the idea that the documentary crew was just there to capture something as opposed to the scenes they staged for the benefit of the camera. It just helps the emotions.


We shot it with one camera only, and the camera was hidden far away from where Pam was standing, talking on the phone with her mother. So we really shot it in a way that was like we were eavesdropping on Pam and one of the things I love about the shot is that when Jim walks in, Pam’s back is to us. He walks up to her and kisses her and with that angle, you see his face quite clearly, but you really don’t see her expression. As an audience member, you get to fill in those emotions that you can’t see on her face. You get to imagine how she’s reacting. In a funny way, it puts you in her shoes.

They’re the scenes that launched 1000 fics and fanvids, but even 10 years on they’re still so lovely and heartbreaking and timeless. Also never forget the summer of ’06, aka the summer of agony, as fans has to wait months to learn what the aftermath of The Kiss was.

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Jim and Pam – A Good Day

Jim and Pam – A Good Day

This was such a sweet JAM episode . . . then it’s pretty much sadness for a whole season.


Next up in my Jim and Pam series is a scene from ep 219 “Michael’s Birthday”. This was my first piece on 14x11in paper and also the first time I tried doing my outlines with Col-Erase pencils instead of graphite.


This will also go down as the first piece a cast member noticed as Pam herself liked it on Instagram!

jennas-like why yes I did have a fangirl meltdown when this happened, how’d you know?

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Jim and Pam – Swaying (Isn’t Dancing)

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the first airing of “The Client” and this great Jim and Pam moment.


That’s right, more PB&J! I really love this scene from ep 207 “The Client” where Jim and Pam share earbuds and dance sway to a song, one of the great “little moments” that they had.


The background was drawn on a separate paper and added in digitally, and I really like the result! Here’s the no background version (which I also like)


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Paper Doves – Jim & Pam

I was off on a trip so I didn’t get this posted on the anniversary of ep 203 Office Olympics airing, but here is the next installment of my Season 2 PB&J series. I got a little creative with this one by adding the doves.


The next installment of my PB&J series is a scene from ep203 “Office Olympics.” I decided to add the doves and I think it turned out to be a nice touch. Also incorporating more Polychromos pencils with my Derwent Drawing pencils.


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