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Office Communities:
LiveJournal community
The Two Cents
The Office FanWorks (LiveJournal)
FanPop’s Office Spot
Scranton Times (LiveJournal)

General Fansites:
Official NBC Office Site
Dunderpedia (Wiki)
Life in the Office
Music of Dunder Mifflin
Northern Attack
Office Pranks
Office Tally
Office TV Show
Pizco Office Site
Proof You Watch Too Much TV
Unofficial Office Scripts

More Than That Fanfiction Archive
Office Fic at
Office Fic at Archive Of Our Own
Fanfiction: The Office – US (LiveJournal)

Pictures and Videos
The Office Caps (LiveJournal)
The Office Icons (LiveJournal)
Time Enough: Screencaps

Character/Actor Centered Fansites:
More Than That (Jim and Pam)
Angela Kinsey Fans

Actors Twitter Accounts:
Steve Carell (Michael)
Rainn Wilson (Dwight)
John Krasinski (Jim)
Jenna Fischer (Pam)
Angela Kinsey

BJ Novak (Ryan)
Mindy Kaling (Kelly)
Ed Helms (Andy)
Craig Robinson (Darryl)
Brian Baumgartner (Kevin)
Oscar Nunez
Kate Flannery (Meredith)
Creed Bratton
David Denman (Roy)
Rashida Jones (Karen)

Article/Blog Posts of Note
Foreign Office – (discusses why so many countries have made their own Office adaptions)
The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to ‘The Office’  (A long read but a really great breakdown of the management theory that goes into The Office.)
‘The Office’ is the Most Depressing Show on Television – The Awl (hyperbolic title aside, this is an interesting read about how Jim goes from a charming and likable underachiever to somewhat pathetic mid-manager)
Jim and Pam’s Breakdown – (how the Halperts marital problems made the final season compelling)
Pambition: The Office’s Abandoned Artists – (written after the 6th season, this post is about how Pam’s artistic ambitions were underdeveloped and eventually all-but-abandoned on the show)
Greg Daniels on Writing the Final Season – FastCoCreate (interview about Greg returning as the showrunner after a 2 year hiatus and the challenges of making a good last season)
The Behind-The-Scenes Story of “Diversity Day” – (10 years after the airdate, some actors and crew reflect on how they knew this was going to be a defining episode of the series)
(Oh and btw, as with most things on the internet, you can skip the comments on these articles >.<)

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3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi, Lauren!

    First of all, I want to compliment you on your active role in the fandom! I’ve been a huge fan of your Office icons for a while and I wish you all the best on your new site!

    Secondly, we at The Office Alliance podcast only just found your site! It’s a wonderful addition to Office Fan community! We featured your site in the Fandomnicity segment of Episode 15 of our show. Our focus is on the fandom, as well, and we feel you’re off to a great start presenting all aspects of this wonderful, amazing group of fans!

    Best wishes!

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