Fan Works

fanart-pamcassoThere are so many awesomely talented fans in the Office fandom, and here on Flonkerton, I hope to feature that talent. Here’s an archive of my fanwork related posts, and go to the bottom of the page to read about submitting fanwork to Flonkerton.

Fan Art posts (click here for all fanart posts)
“Jim thinks they’re good”
– cold opener storyboard, and digital Pam piece
“Mostly watercolor, a few oil pencil”
– Powerpuff Girls style, and traditional paintings
“You drew these? Freehand?”
– the cartoon-style art and icons of Tacos Rebellion
“These could be tracings”
– gorgeous wallpapers by Jamie at ResonateDesigns
“I’m sort of an expert at photoshop”
– digital painting of psmonkey
“I like to do illustrations”
– pencil drawings of Danger Skew
“There’s this internship in graphic design”
– cool Office cartoons
“You can draw, kind of”
– UK Office inspired wallpapers
“Sensei? Hello, it’s Sempai”
– Japanese manga style fanart
“Oop, wait, stop. Drawings.”
– Pencil drawing by Audrey and a NASCAR design
‘Not A Bad Day’
– Colored Pencil of PB&J by yours truly

Submission Info
If you would like to submit a fanwork to “Flonkerton,” you can leave a comment on this page, or go to the “Contact” tab at the top of the page and fill out the form to send me a message. Here are some basic criteria:

1. All fan works need to be hosted at another site:
Videos can easily be uploaded at
Pictures can be uploaded for free at Photobucket, Flickr, deviantArt, etc.
FanFic can pretty much go anywhere, and More Than That happen to have a lot of “The Office” fics.

2. All fan work needs to be original (or as original as fan works can get).
Please don’t submit things like cold openers from the show, or extras from the DVDs as “fan vids” Please don’t submit unaltered screen shots, or scans from magazines as “fan art”.

3. Feel free to “nominate” work you like, but please don’t claim work you did not create!
Not that I can stop you, but I’ll figure it out sooner or later if you didn’t create the work. It’s also just good practice to not claim stuff you didn’t do.

4. This isn’t a contest, if you submit it, I’ll more than likely post it.
In exchange I do requests you submit things you have put effort into and are proud of.


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