What is Flonkerton?
It is defined as the national sport of Icelandic paper companies. It is also Lauren’s (aka ladama of mild “jim and pam” and “office sexyback” fanvid fame) attempt at a “The Office” fansite.

Who runs Flonkerton?
That’d be me. Hi, I’m Lauren, a gal living about 1,700 miles from Scranton, PA who has been hiding my obsession with this show from my friends for many years now. If you couldn’t tell by the awesome graphics on this site, I did study graphic design in college and am kind of an expert at Photoshop (and am open to *paid* graphic design-y, illustrate-y gigs, so tell your friends).

What makes Flonkerton different from another other Office Fansites?
My goal is to create a site that compliments other sites in the Office Community, and be a place that Office Fans enjoy coming to.

Flonkerton Features
Here are some of the “series” that are featured on this site:

  • Recaps: I used to write super detailed recaps, but quickly realized I was never going to get through one season much less several. The current format is to have a quick recap of the main plot points in each episode, a list of 10-or-so favorite quotes (20 for hour-long episodes), trivia, and polls to grade the episode. If you want episode transcripts, go to OfficeQuotes.net. If you want a specific screen cap, you can find them at Office Caps (seasons 1-4) or in the LJ Office Community.
  • Pam Pong: Hey, I loves me some Jim and Pam and I’m not going to apologize for it. But in order to keep my recaps (hopefully) free of fangirling, I have the Pam Pong posts, kind of a checklist of the PB&J action in each episode. It’s pointless, shippy fun.
  • Random Poll: Exactly what it says, I post polls about pretty random topics, like Jim’s Hair, or Awesome Office Meltdowns, and you vote and discuss.
  • Office Mysteries: The Office is a very well crafted show that gives a lot of heed to it’s “canon” but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t sometimes left scratching their heads. If questions like “Did Jim go to Australia?”, “Who is that gray haired lady I sometimes see in the Annex?” or “How exactly do you spell Pam’s last name” keeps you up at night, this is the series for you.
  • Viewing Club: This series was a way to pass time in the summer between Season 3 and 4, and who knows, I may revive it someday.
  • Fanworks Spotlights: The great thing about the Office fandom is how crazy/obsessed/talented it’s fans are, and I wanted to bring a little attention to these talented flans by have fanworks spotlights. If you know of some great fanvids or fanart not posted, please contact me.

Other F.A.Q.s
Flonkerton is awesome, I want the latest updates!
If you have a WordPress account, there’s a handy “Follow” button in the toolbar. Otherwise, you’ll just have to bookmark the site and check in once in a while.

How do I get in touch with you?
– The fastest way to fill out this contact form, or comment on any page/post. You could also tweet at me.

I have an Office site, can we partner up?
– If you have a site devoted to the show, a character or pairing, or one of the regular cast members, I would love to be affiliated with you. Learn more here: Become a Flonkerton affiliate!

I want to help Flonkerton! What can I do?
–  Flonkerton is a one-fan-show, I make all the graphics and write all the posts. The best way to help me is to be a tipster. Know some good trivia? Made a great fanvid? Found an interesting Office-related article? Use the contact form or comment somewhere on the site. Also I appreciate any and all suggestions: random polls, Office Mysteries, anything. And lastly you can help promote the site by simply linking to it and spreading the word.

There is a glaring grammar/spelling error in such-and-such post.
– Alright, you caught me. I’m not a great speller, an even worse proof-reader, and Pam Beesly would only laugh at my typing skills. If you see a spelling or grammar error, please kindly point it out in a comment. “Kind” is the key word here, I’m a nice, understanding person, but like anyone else I can only take so much grammar policing before I snap and tell you this is a fansite and not the freakin’ New Yorker and punch a hole in a virtual wall.

I commented to a post, but it’s awaiting moderation
– To avoid spam, I do screen comments. WordPress has a pretty good spam filter, but the occasional spam does get though. Once your first comment is approved, futures comments from the same IP are posted immediately. Please post comments, I love comments! It makes running this site worth while.

Are you affiliated with the show or with NBC?
– (boring disclaimer stuff) “The Office” is copyright NBC-Universal. Flonkerton is a fan-created site, and has no association with anyone from “The Office”, NBC, or any of their sponsors.
In short, I make no money from this, so please don’t sue.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you might have the mailing address’s of some of the writers for the office. I have just completed a screenplay and would really like to submit it to them. (as Greg Daniels suggest in a recent blog) But I don’t have the money for an agent so I have to do it the hard way! it sucks. So I was hoping you could help me out. thanks

  2. Hey, Peter.

    I’m flattered that you think I may be that connected, but unfortunately I’m mostly just a fan. A few writers are on MySpace, including the writing pair Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky. But OfficeTally and GiveMeMyRemote may be able to help you out there better than I can.

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