Take Your Daughter to Work Day: Episode 2.18

218TYDTWD-bigger“Take Your Daughter to Work Day”
Season 2 Episode 18
Air Date: March 16, 2006
Writer: Mindy Kaling
Summary: The tension is higher than usual at Dunder Mifflin with kids running around the office. Pam works on getting past her awkwardness with children, and Michael befriends the daughter of his rival, Toby.

1. Supplemental Materials
Pam Pong Scorecard, transcript at OfficeQuotes.net

2. Quick Recap
“I am not great with kids”:
It’s Take Your Daughter To Work Day, which puts many employees on their toes. Michael hates the idea of having to censor himself, and is accidentally inappropriate with Stanley’s daughter. Pam brought extra candy in hopes of getting kids to like her but then proceeds to strike out with most of them, at least until she shows Meredith’s son the shredder. Jim fares better as he quickly hits it off Kevin’s future step-daughter Abby. And after initial awkwardness, Michael forms a friendship with Sasha, his arch-enemy Toby’s daughter.
“That’s your name? Mr Poop?”: Dwight is also not proving to be great with kids, though he seems unaware as he bores them with English ballads on his recorder and bizarre German fairy tales. Meredith’s trouble-making son Jake antagonized Dwight by messing with Dwight’s bobblehead figures and calling him “Mr Poop”. Angela casually mentions that she prefers her mate to be strict with children. Dwight then fires back at Jake by mocking him and calling him a latchkey-key. Jake runs to his mother, and Angela give’s Dwight an approving look.
“A Little Fishy”: In addition to learning girlfriend Kelly is a bit baby-crazy, Ryan finds himself the object of Stanley’s teenage daughter’s affections. When Kelly tips off Stanley that Melissa has been hanging around Ryan all day, Stanley pulls Ryan into the breakroom for a verbal beat-down. No wonder Ryan’s happy to go fetch a VHS at Michael’s mother’s house.
“And no one can say no to being my friend”: In an effort to impress the visiting kids, Michael shows them a recording of when he was on local TV show “Fundle Bundle” as a child. The mood gets sad and awkward when on the video Young Michael says when he grows up he wants to get married and have 100 kids because then he’s have 100 friends. The office kids quickly point out Michael didn’t fulfill his dream and Michael slinks off to his office. Surprisingly enough, Toby makes Michael feel better by telling him it’s not too late to have a family.
“My theory is that…”: Michael is wrapping up the day by (poorly) playing “Teach Your Children Well” for the whole office. Pam and Jim banter about why Michael has a guitar when he can’t play it, before Jim leaves abruptly go on a date. Michael continues his enthusiastic rendition of the song, is shown putting aside his difference with Toby to walk with him and Sasha to the car.

2A. Flonkerton Medal Ceremony
The “Uneasy Truce” Medal:
Toby is usually Michael’s favorite punching bag, but they form an unexpected truce when Michael bond with Toby’s adorable daughter.

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3. Flonkerton’s Favorite Quotes
Pam TH: I’m looking forward to ‘Take Your Daughter to Work’ day. I am not great with kids, but I wanna get better. Because I’m getting married. So, I put out a bunch of extra candy out on my desk so the kids will come talk to me. …Like the witch in Hanzel and Gretel.

Michael TH: Listen, I like kids. But this is not a kid’s environment. This is like HBO, no limits. Who knows what I’m going to say? Crazy stuff. And it is R rated, it is not rated G. I am like Eddie Murphy in “Raw,” and they are trying to make me into Eddie Murphy in “Daddy Daycare.” both great movies, but, still.

Michael: Hi, children. I’m Michael Scott, and I am in charge of this place… ahh, what’ll make you understand… I am like Superman, and the people who work here are like citizens of Gotham City.
Jim and Dwight: [in unison] That’s Batman.
Michael: Okay, I’m Aquaman. Where does he live, guys?
Jim: The ocean.
Michael: [under his breath] I work with a bunch of nerds.

Jim: [shaking hands with Abby] Ow, ow, ow, ow, you broke my hand.
Dwight: There is no way that hurt.
Jim: Really? ‘Cause she’s pretty strong, Dwight.
Dwight: Little girl. Come over here. Shake my hand. Come on, I don’t have all day. [Abby shakes his hand] I don’t feel anything. Nothing. [to Jim] You’re so weak.

Stanley: That little girl is a child! I don’t want to see you sniffing around her anymore this afternoon, do you understand?!
Ryan: Yes, I–
Stanley: Boy have you lost your mind? ‘Cause I’ll help you find it! Whatcha lookin’ for, ain’t nobody gonna help you out there! Jesus could come through that door and he’s not gonna help you if you don’t stop sniffing after my child!
Ryan TH: Stanley yelled at me today. That was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.

Michael: What the hell are you reading to them?
Dwight: These are cautionary tales for kids, my Grandmata used to read these—
Michael: Yeah, you know what? No, they, no. The kids don’t want to hear some wierdo book that your Nazi war criminal grandmother gave you.
Sasha: What’s a Nazi?
Michael: What’s a Nazi?
Dwight: Nazi was a fascist movement from the 1930’s…
Michael: Don’t! Don’t! Don’t talk about Nazis in front of— you know what? They’re going to have nightmares, so why don’t you just shut it?
Dwight: I was gonna teach the children how to make corn-husk dolls.
Michael: [sighing] Why don’t you just leave? Okay?
Dwight: …Okay.
Jake: Bye, Mister Poop.
Michael: Alright. There goes Mister Poop.

Michael TH: Children cannot lie. They are innocent, and they speak the truth, and out of the mouths of babes, Michael Scott is freaking cool.

Michael: There’s Creed! Let’s take a look at what he’s doing, everybody! This is Creed, and he is in charge of… something. Right?
Creed: That is correct.
Michael: Say hi to the kids.
Creed: Hi kids. Have you ever seen a foot with four toes? [begins untying shoe]
Kids: Ewwww!
Michael: What are you doing? Stop it! Just–no! Would you cut it out?! What is your problem?
Creed: The hair covers it, mostly.
Michael: No no no, we’re not gonna see— we’re not gonna see the four toed Creed, okay?

Michael TH: I don’t get why parents are always complaining about how tough it is to raise kids. You joke around with them, you give them pizza, you give them candy, you let them live their lives… They’re adults, for God’s sake.

Michael TH: Yes, it is true. I, Michael Scott, am signing up with an online dating service. Thousands of people have done it, and I am going to do it. I need a username. And… I have a great one [types]. “LittleKidLover”. That way, people will know exactly where my priorities are at.

Dwight TH: The Schrutes consider children very valuable. In the olden days, the women would bear many children, so we would have enough laborers to work the fields. And if it was an especially cold winter, and there weren’t enough grains or vegetables, they would eat the weakest of the brood. [Laughs] No! They didn’t eat the children. It never came to that.

4. Trivia

  • Fundle Bundle hosted by Miss Trudy is a spoof of local children’s show Hatchy Milatchy hosted by Miss Judy, which aired on Scranton-based WNEP
  • Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day (which started in 1992 as “Take Our Daughters To Work Day) is an annual event that many companies participate in, but is usually held on the 4th Thursday in April in the U.S.
  • Showrunner Greg Daniel’s daughter Haley played Abby (Kevin’s fiancee’s daughter).
  • It’s presumed Jim’s date was with Brenda from 211 “Booze Cruise”. He called to ask her out in 214 “The Carpet”, and in a deleted scene for 220 “Drug Testing” she calls Jim while he is under “jinx” and can’t talk.

5. Grade this Episode


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