Pam Pong Round 24: Take Your Daughter To Work Day

218pp-biggerPrevious Round, Dwight’s Speech: Jim is uncomfortable with Pam doing her wedding planning in the office and books a flight to Australia on June 8th, two days before Pam’s wedding. It’s clearly an excuse for Jim to avoid the wedding, but Pam doesn’t challenge him about the date, though she is obviously saddened by the fact he won’t be attending. Final score: -4.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 218: Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Jim and Pam playfully banter about Pam bringing extra candy to bribe the visiting kids: +1
They are both standing and leaning towards each other at the reception desk: +1
Pam is impressed (and envious) with Jim’s ability to immediately win over Kevin’s fiancee’s daughter Abby: +2
Roy is upstairs and Pam mostly hangs next to him during Michael’s video: -2
Pam and Jim hang out together by Michael’s office door: +1
Pam laughs at Jim’s comments about Young Michael’s clothes: +1
Roy calls to Pam to watch him roughhouse with Meredith’s son: -2
Pam is not impressed with Roy and glances at Jim: +1
Pam’s interest is piqued when she overhears that Jim has a date: +1
Jim and Pam joke about Michael’s musical skills: +1
With Pam turned away from him, Jim leaves for his date: -2
Pam, still thinking Jim is there, starts to talk: -1
And she gets a pensive look after waving goodbye to Jim: +1

Final Score, +3: An interesting episode where there isn’t obvious progress, but there are several positives to draw from. Pam takes on a kind of observing role this episode, watching how Jim and Roy relate to kids. Like with adults, Jim wins kids over with his humor and easy-going demeanor, while Roy is more about teasing and rough-housing. We also once again see Pam get jealous at Jim having a date, and although it’s at a more subconscious level, Pam’s jealousy always makes her very well-suppressed feelings for Jim a bit more apparent.

Next Round: Michael’s Birthday


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