Dwight’s Speech: Episode 2.17

217dwightsspeech-bigger“Dwight’s Speech”
Season 2 Episode 17
Air Date: March 2, 2006
Writer: Paul Lieberstein
Summary: After being named Salesman of the Year, Dwight has to give a speech at a convention. Michael tries to coach the nervous Dwight, but Dwight gets his best advice from a surprising source. Back at the Office, Pam plans her wedding, and Jim plans a trip.

1. Supplemental Materials
Pam Pong Scorecard, transcript at OfficeQuotes.net

2. Quick Recap
Cold Opener – “Heisman!”:
Michael and Dwight are tossing a football around. Jim quickly gets fed up and intercepts the ball, the office workers play keep-away from Michael until Dwight tackles Ryan. Michael acts as if he’s finished before shouting to Pam and drawing his arm back to throw.
Top Salesman of the Year: Dwight is Dunder Mifflin’s top salesman, and ask a reward he gets a gift, and also gets to deliver a speech at a sales convention. Between his fear of public speaking, and Michael blowing the importance of the speech way out of proportion, Dwight is a nervous wreck desperate for coaching. For practice, Michael “warms up the audience” by telling everyone they’re getting bonuses (they’re not), but Dwight squanders it by delivering some (untrue) bad news.
“People can get all weird about wedding stuff”: Pam is doing much of her wedding planning in the office, including addressing save-the-dates (with Kelly and Ryan’s help). Jim is getting increasingly uncomfortable overhearing Pam’s planning, and decides he needs to plan a trip and get away for a while. He asks his co-workers for destination ideas, but can’t quite settle on where to go (though probably not Kevin’s suggestion of Hedonsim). At the end of the day, Jim tells Pam he’s booked a ticket for Australia, and he’s leaving two days before her wedding. Pam is clearly saddened but simply says it’s too bad Jim’s missing the wedding, and Jim leaves awkwardly.
“You gotta wave your arms and pound your fists”: After Dwight snarkily says Jim won’t actually go on a trip, Jim gives Dwight speech “advice” in the form of quotes from some 20th century dictators. At the unexpectedly large convention, Dwight is paralyzed with fear so Michael attempts to be Dwight’s “opening act”, but his bad jokes and terrible impressions do little to hype up the crowd. Dwight finally approached the podium, and Jim’s pointers turn out to be quite handy as Dwight gives an oddly rousing speech. Michael is a little upset Dwight upstaged him, but after Dwight is fascinated with one of Michael’s silly stories, Michael is proud of himself for captivating “the guy who captivated a thousand guys.”

2A. Flonkerton Medal Ceremony
The “Unexpected Results” Medal:
Jim gave Dwight a speech by Mussolini as a joke, but his prank end up backfiring in an actually kinda good way.
The “Plot-hole the size of Oz” Medal:
Don’t bother looking for any Aussie souvenirs on Jim’s desk, his trip to Australia is never mentioned on the show again.

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3. Flonkerton’s Favorite Quotes
Jim TH: Dwight was the top salesman of the year at our company. He wins a little prize money and gets honored at some convention. It is literally the highest possible honor that a Northeastern Pennsylvania-Based Mid-size Paper Company Regional Salesman can attain, so…

Michael TH: Speaker at the Sales Convention. Been there, done that. Went there again, did it again. Two years in a row. Consecutive. I just… I miss the feeling of knowing that you did a good job because someone gives you proof of it. ‘Sir, you’re awesome! Here’s a plaque. What, a whole year has gone by and you need more proof? Here’s a certificate.’ They stopped making plaques that year.

Dwight TH: When I was in the sixth grade, I was a finalist in our school Spelling Bee. It was me against Raj Patel. And I misspelled, in front of the entire school, the word ‘failure’.

Dwight: Excuse me! May I have your attention please? There has been an accident on 84 West. Cars have skidded off the road into the safety railing. Several cars have flipped. There is broken glass everywhere. Several people are injured.
Pam: Do we know anyone who was in the accident?
Dwight: Brad Pitt. Also there will be no bonuses.
Stanley: Why would this affect our bonuses?
Dwight: They are unrelated.
Kelly: Is Brad okay?
Dwight: He will never act again. Also, this branch is closing.
Oscar: What the hell is going on here?
Angela: Are we out of jobs?
Dwight: Yes.
Kelly: This is karma because of what he did to Jennifer Aniston.

Michael: We’re all going to go around the room and we’re going to make toasts. And that way, we will overcome our fear of public speaking.
Pam: You mean Toastmasters?
Michael: Pam! I’m public speaking. Stop public interrupting me.

Kevin: You should go to Hedonism.
Jim: What is that?
Kevin: It’s like Club Med, but everything is naked.
Jim: I was thinking more like Europe. Or something like that. But, good second choice.

Jim: You know I majored in Public Speaking in College.
Dwight: You did?
Jim: Mmmhmm. And the first thing they teach you is that you’ve got to be true to your self. And you are all about authority.
Dwight: Yes. I am.
Jim: The great speakers throughout history were not joke tellers. They were people of passion. So if you want to do well today, you got to do what they did.
Dwight: Which is?
Jim: You’ve got to wave your arms and you’ve got to pound your fists. Many times. It’s supposed to emphasize your point.
Jim TH: Ok, I didn’t actually major in Public Speaking. But, I did download speeches from some of history’s famous dictators. Like this one [holds up paper]. Originally given by Benito Mussolini

Angela: [coughs and sniffles] I am just feeling under the weather. And… I think that I will go home and rest.
Kevin: I’ve never, ever seen you take a sick day.
Angela: Well, I’ve seen you take enough for the both of us.

Ryan TH: Jim has worked at the same place for five years. Jim eats the same ham and cheese sandwich everyday for lunch. I don’t know. If I were a betting man, I’d say he will have a fun weekend in Philadelphia.

Dwight: Some people will tell you salesman is a bad word. They’ll conjure up images of used car dealers and door to door charlatans. This is our duty – to change their perception. I say salesmen… and women of the world unite! We must never acquiesce for it is together, TOGETHER, THAT WE PREVAIL! We must never cede control of the motherland! For it is… [with crowd] Together that we prevail!

Pam: Australia? I have always wanted to go there?
Jim: I’m going. I’m a little nervous to run into Dwight on his connecting flight to Mordor.

Michael TH: Dwight gave a great speech. That’s the word on the street anyway. And I entertained Dwight to no end with my bar stories. So, I captivated the guy who captivated a thousand guys. Can you believe that? A thousand guys?

4. Trivia

  • Hilarious as it is, Creed give his “shout out” to his Hong Kong friends in (very bad) Mandarin, the primary dialect in Hong Kong is Cantonese.
  • Dwight’s draws on quotes from Lenin, Mussolini, and Marx in his speech.
  • Back in ep. 102 “Diversity Day“, Dwight poached Jim’s top client, who made up 25% of Jim’s yearly commission. This may have been why Dwight got Top Salesman of the year.

5. Grade This Episode


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