Valentine’s Day: Episode 2.16

216vday-bigger“Valentine’s Day”
Season 2 Episode 16
Air Date: February 9, 2006
Writer: Michael Schur
Michael joins other regional managers in New York City to meet the new CFO. Back in Scranton, some employees are lavished with Valentine’s Day gifts, while others feel left out.

1. Supplemental Materials
Pam Pong Scorecard, transcript at

2. Quick Recap
“I own that city. Fuggedaboudit!”:
Michael is off to New York head offices for a meeting with the new CFO. Before the meeting he take the camera crew on a tour of what he fancies to be local faves in Manhattan but are really tourist traps like Times Square and Rockefeller Center.
“I hooked up with her on February 13th”: Kelly gives Jim an excited earful about how she and Ryan finally kissed. Not wanting to get roped into any Valentine’s Day plans, Ryan blows Kelly off when she tries to talk to him. Kelly asks Jim for advice and Jim bluntly says Ryan is just not into her. When Jim invites her to his poker night to forget about Valentine’s Day, Kelly immediately asks if she can bring Ryan.
“The gift is really about the gesture”: Dwight is thrilled when Angela secretly gives him a bobble head doll of himself, but has no idea what to give her in return. He consults Pam, who suggests that it’s more about the meaning of the gift than the actual gift. Later in the day, Angela find as small gift on her desk, a key to Dwight’s place.
Faces of Scranton: The branch managers are alone talking and when Albany manager Craig is disparaging about Jan, Michael comes to her defense and then blabs about him and Jan hooking up. The branch presentations start when the CFO and Jan arrive, and Michael takes a more personal approach by showing a homemade video of the Scranton staff before getting into the numbers. Craig is completely unprepared, and when Jan says that doesn’t bode well for Albany, he makes a snide remark that he should have slept with Jan like Michael.
“I was kind of hoping you’d get me something”: Pam starts off being excited for Valentine’s Day, but is quickly discouraged as Bob Vance lavishes Phyllis with multiple gifts but nothing show up for her. She expresses her disappointment to Roy, and is embarrassed when Roy offers to make it up to her later in the bedroom. Jim wishes Pam a Happy Valentine’s Day as he leaves, but Pam is clearly sad that Jim didn’t get her anything either.
“Let’s just forget it”: Jan is terrified she’ll be reprimanded or even fired for Michael’s comments about them hooking up, but Michael tells the CFO it was a bad joke that Craig took seriously and all the blame should fall on Michael, not Jan. Everyone agrees to forget about the incident. Jan is touched by Michael’s actions and rewards him with a secret kiss at the elevators, before seeing the camera crew caught it.

2A. Flonkerton Medal Ceremony
The “Wide World of Dunder Mifflin” Medal:
This is the first time we meet the CFO David Wallace and some of the other branch managers, and shockingly enough Michael is actually not the most incompetent regional manager.

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3. Flonkerton’s Favorite Quotes
Dwight: Question. Will you be seeing Jan when you’re in New York?
Michael: I probably will, why do you ask?
Dwight: Well… It’s Valentine’s Day, and you guys, you know…
Michael: Yeah.
Dwight: Screwed.
Michael: What is your problem?

Michael TH: This is a business trip. I would have to be a raving lunatic to try to talk to Jan about what happened between us. Her words, not mine. She sent me an email this morning. But, it is Valentine’s Day. It’s New York. City of Love.

Oscar: The best present would be, you do a good job in front of the new CFO.
Michael: Dude, I’m gonna nail it. Me in New York? Oh, I own that city. Fuggedaboudit! See ya!

Michael: Here it is, heart of New York City, Times Square. Named for the good times you have when you’re in it. Most people when they come to New York, they go straight to the Empire State Building, that’s pretty touristy. I come here. Great places to eat. We have Bubba Gump Shrimp, Red Lobster down there. Ya know. This is, this is the heart of civilization, right here.

Pam: Ok, well, sometimes the gift is really about the gesture, you know, like what it means, instead of what it is.
Dwight: You mean, like a ham?
Pam: No… not like a ham. It’s about doing something, so that the person knows that you really care about her.
Dwight: Ok, I get it. That’s great.
Pam: That you remember her.
Dwight: Ok, shut up. I know exactly what to do. [gets up and leaves]

Jan TH: Nervous, no I’m not nervous. Well, I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous. Umm, the new CFO is judging me on this too, and well, it is Michael, so. Yeah, I’m very nervous.


Life moves a little slower in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And that’s the way we like it. Because at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, we’re not just in the paper business, we’re in the people business. Let’s meet some of the folks that make the Scranton branch so special. This is Stanley Hudson, one of our talented salesman. An African-American father of two, Stanley’s dedication is no doubt one of the hallmark’s of the foundation of the business we’re hoping to build our bases on.
Michael TH: Yeah, I shot a bunch of footage around the office, edited it together on my Mac. I was thinking of entering it into some festivals. Probably won’t. You know, not what this is about.

And finally, Pam Beesly. Look at her. Look how cute. Not bad at all. As the receptionist, Pam is truly the gateway to our world. Well, I hope this gave you a little taste of what life is like here at Dunder Mifflin, Scranton. What it’s like to walk a mile in Oscar’s shoes. Or try on Phyllis’ pants. Maybe even one of Angela’s famous brownies. And you’ll know, that you’re home.

Kelly: It’s frustrating, because we’d be so perfect together.
Jim: You know what? Here’s the deal, Kelly. It would be really nice if he was in to you, right? It’d be great, but he isn’t.
Kelly: Yeah, it would be so great if he was.
Jim: Well, he’s not, though. So you just gotta suck it up. You just gotta move on. Try to have some fun. Come to my poker game tonight.
Kelly: Okay, cool. Is it okay if I invite Ryan? [Jim leaves]

Jan: Michael – the CFO thinks that we slept together. Do you understand, people get fired for much less? And I just can’t believe that you told everybody and we didn’t even sleep together.
Michael: Technically, we fell asleep in the same bed. So…

Dwight TH: Women are like wolves. If you want a wolf, you have to trap it. You have to snare it. And then you have to tame it. Keep it happy. Care for it. Feed it. Lovingly, the way an animal deserves to be loved. And my animal deserves a lot of loving.

Michael: Alright, here’s the deal. It’s my fault. This is, this is totally on me. Before you guys came in, I was talking to the guys. We were all chatting and I made a joke, a really dumb joke and Craig the idiot took it seriously.
David: You made a joke?
Michael: I did, it was stupid. And Craig, you saw him, he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Although he is a tool. [David grins]
David: Well I don’t need to explain to you that even a joke about sexual relations with your boss…
Michael: I know. It was borderline at best and… And Jan is a fantastic executive and has all the integrity in the world and um, I’m really sorry. It will never happen again.
Jan: Uh, that’s fine. Let’s just forget it.
David: Good.

4. Trivia

  • Judging by everyone’s outfits, footage for Michael’s “Faces of Scranton” video was shot while filming episodes 214 “The Carpet” and 215 “Boys and Girls”.
  • This is the first appearance of CFO David Wallace
  • We also see the branch managers for Buffalo, Albany, and Stamford.
  • Michael Misquote: Michael refers to New York City as the “City of Love”, which is actually a nickname for Paris, France.
  • Michael Misquote: Michael says Rockefeller center was founded by Theodore Rockefeller. He’s mashing up John D Rockefeller Jr (the actual namesake of the center) and Theodore Roosevelt.
  • In a deleted scene, Michael runs into Devon, who was fired in 205 “Halloween”

5. Grade this episode


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