Pam Pong Round 22: Valentine’s Day

216pp-biggerPrevious Round, Boys and Girls: When Pam learns about a graphic design internship, Jim is completely supportive, but Roy is not and Pam decides not to pursue it. Jim challenges Pam about her decision, but she pushes back and says she’s fine with her choices, though an emotional talking head interview suggests otherwise. Final score: -2

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 216: Valentine’s Day

Pam smiles as she talks about the funny card Jim got her for Valentine’s Day last year: +2
She says Roy and her agreed on no big fancy gift since they’re saving for the wedding: -1
But she’s still excited to see what Roy gets for her: -1
Jim mentions he broke up with Katy: +1
So he doesn’t have to worry about Valentine’s Day: -2
Pam is getting frustrated that all the Valentine’s Day deliveries are for other people (mostly Phyllis): -1
She keeps give Jim hopefully glances: +1
Jim may be referring his situation with Pam a bit when tells Kelly that Ryan is not into her, so she should just suck it up, move on, and try to have some fun: -1
Roy shows up and Pam tells him she’s a little disappointed he didn’t get her anything: +1
Roy smugly says that when they get home, Pam’s going to get “the best sex of her life”: -1
Pam is embarrassed by Roy’s comment: +1
The first Jim and Pam even talk to each other this episode is when he’s about to leave: -1
As he grabs his coat, Jim smiles broadly and wishes Pam a Happy Valentine’s Day: +1
But he smile immediately fades when his back is to her: -1
And Pam watches him, sad that Jim didn’t get her anything either: -2

Final Score, -4:  Yikes, what a remarkably unromantic Valentine’s Day for our pair! On the one hand, Jim missed a prime opportunity. He could have given Pam anything and she would have loved it, it could have even led to a more-than-friendly moment. On the other hand, Jim not “saving the day” for Pam means Pam can’t ignore that Roy, the man she’s suppose to marry in just a few months, completely failed to make her feel special or loved. Although this round of Pam Pong ends with a negative score, if it helps Pam recognize the real problems in her relationship with Roy, it may be good in the long run.

Next Round: Dwight’s Speech


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