Pam Pong Round 21: Boys and Girls

215pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Carpet: Between Jim being stuck in the back room and Roy hanging out in the office all day, there was hardly any interaction between Pam and Jim. The day (and the episode) was a wash until Jim found Pam had left him several messages, expressing she was bored and missed him being at his desk, final score: +4

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 215: Boys and Girls

Pam gives Jim an eye roll about the “women in the workplace” meeting: +1
Kevin warns Jim that Roy might try to beat him up because of his crush on Pam: -1
Pam ponders who she has the most in common with in the office, and is likely thinking Jim: +1
Jim is nervous as Roy approaches him in the warehouse: -1
Roy says he’s cool with Jim’s “old” crush on Pam: -1
And Roy is happy Pam has a friend at work to talk to, then Pam’s not so chatty at home: +1
Jim makes a subtle jab when he tells Roy he likes talking to Pam too: +1
When asked her dreams are, Pam says “a husband that I love, Roy”: -1
During the “guy’s gripe” session, Roy says he hates when girls insist on going out all the time (And Jim shakes his head): +1
Pam excuses herself from the women’s seminar to talk to Jim: +1
They joke about how the warehouse bonding and women’s session are going: +1
When Pam tells Jim about the design training program at corporate, Jim encourages her to do it: +3
But Roy shoots the idea down and Pam doesn’t stand up to him: -3
Jim can tell just by Pam’s body language she’s not going to do the program: -1
Jim challenges Pam on why she won’t do the program, and if she just wants to be a receptionist: +2
But Pam gets defensive and says she’s fine with her choices: -3
Pam talks about her dream of having a terrace (a metaphor for her art ambitions) and says it’s impractical and she’ll never have a house like that (then starts to cry): -2
Jim gets a slightly disappointed look on his face when he hears “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”: -1

Final Score, -2:  In “Booze Cruise”, Jim famously said if the Dunder Mifflin “ship” was sinking, he would save the receptionist. But in this episode it’s clear that, while Jim can push Pam to “take a chance on something” all he wants, ultimately Pam has to be the one to decide if her dreams are worth fighting for and if she will continue to be with a man who supports her so little. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking for Jim (and us) to watch, but the receptionist has to save herself.

Next Round: Valentine’s Day


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