Pam Pong Round 20: The Carpet

214pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Secret: Michael reveals Jim’s crush on Pam to most of the office, forcing Jim to talk directly to Pam about it. It’s awkward for sure, but in a way it marks a shift in momentum, Jim is taking a step back in his pursuit of Pam, meaning any progression will have to come from Pam’s side, final score: +1

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 214: The Carpet

Jim keeps subconsciously looking up at reception while Pam is away: +1
In a talking head, Jim is happy Pam will be back from vacation tomorrow: +2
But then he mentions Roy and Pam’s wedding: -1
Jim asks if Pam did a lot of skiing in the Poconos and is uncomfortable when she replies “a little”: -1
Roy is there dealing with Michael’s office (and is upstairs all day): -2
And Roy makes Pam laugh with funny little looks (in front of Jim): -1
With Michael at his desk, Jim heads back to an empty desk in the back room: -1
Jim catches Roy in his usual spot standing at reception, talking with Pam: -1
And Jim avoids the breakroom at lunch when he spots Pam and Roy eating together: -1
Pam heads out early and doesn’t see Jim wave goodbye to her: -1
Jim calls up Brenda (from the Booze Cruise) and asks her out in a voicemail: -1
Kelly exclaims Jim just asked a girl out and Jim looks rather anxious: +2
Before he leaves, Jim checks his voicemail and finds Pam left him 7 messages throughout the day: +4
Jim is smiling and chuckling as his listens to the messages: +2
And a smile keeps sneaking onto his face as he goes to his car: +3

Final Score, +4: Nothing seemed to be going Jim’s way this episode as he was relegated to the Annex, forced to play messenger for Kelly and Ryan, and hardly got to talk to Pam. The day was a wash until Jim discovers Pam had left him several message, expressing how much she missed their daily antics. It turns out Pam depends on Jim to get through the workday as much as he does her.

Next Round: Boys and Girls


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