Pam Pong Round 19: The Secret

213pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Injury: It’s of some concern that Jim gets jealous when Pam jokes around with a concussed-Dwight, but other than that a generally positive episode with no big setback. Final score: +2

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 213: The Secret

The episode opens with Jim at Pam’s desk telling jokes: +1
Within earshot of Jim, Pam tells Kelly she’s bought her wedding veil: -1
Jim watches as Pam shows Kelly how she might do her hair for her wedding: +1
In a talking head, Jim is a little down as well as anxious when he talks about how he told Michael (worst’s worst confidant) he has had feelings for Pam: -2
At lunch Michael asks what Jim likes best about Pam, but Jim doesn’t want talk about it: -1
He then said Pam is easy to talk to and has a good sense of humor: +2
Michael spills the beans on Jim’s crush and soon everyone knows: -2
Jim tries to act cool about, telling the cameras that his crush is in the past: -1
There a little banter in the kitchen about spring cleaning: +1
But the mood gets awkward when Jim tells Pam he had had a crush on her: -2
Pam says she suspected he did because they got along well: +2
As Pam leaves the kitchen, Jim insists he is totally over his crush on her: -2
Michael tells Pam that Jim still has a crush, Pam seems nervous but also intrigued: +2
Pam and Jim head out of the office at the same time: +1
Jim is quiet and seems rather down: -1
But Pam keeps looking at him with curiosity: +3

Final Score, +1: This was an awkward episode for our beloved pair but also an interesting one. So far Jim has be the “driving force”; he’s almost always the one to initiating things with Pam and trying to draw her out. But with Roy and Pam’s wedding date set and Jim’s “old crush” revealed, Jim seems like he’ll be taking a step back, hitting the ball into Pam’s court in a way, how will she react?

Next Round, The Carpet


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