Flonkerton (Re)Opening Ceremonies

I’ll be back. And I am back! For gooooooood!

After barely updating this site for . . . a number of years I’ve decided to return and continue working on my recaps and maybe post some other fun things. Why? I can’t really say, perhaps because 2015 marks the 10-year anniversary of our beloved show starting, or maybe because thanks to Netflix I can watch any episode any time, or just because I still love this dang show so much.

I will now plug along with my recaps and Pam Pong score cards that hopefully some will read and enjoy. The Office finished with about 200 or so episodes, which is a pretty daunting total so for right now my goal is to recap through Season 3. A Random Poll or an Office Mystery post may slip in once in a while, and I welcome any ideas (I know for sure I will be doing an update of what is still by far my most popular post, The Evolution of Jim’s Hair).

So, old friends and new lovers, welcome (back) to Flonkerton! Let the games commence!


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