Pam Pong Round 18: The Injury

212pp-biggerPrevious Round, Booze Cruise: All hope seems lost for Jim when he is unable to tell Pam how he feels before Roy sets a wedding date. But there’s a small glimmer in the form of Michael encouraging Jim to go for it, which helps make this emotional roller coaster of an episode end on a positive note. Final Score +1

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 212: The Injury

Jim is at Pam’s desk when she gets the call from Michael that he hurt himself: +1
There’s some jealously in Jim’s voice when he comments that Pam and Dwight seem to be friends now: -2
Jim comes to Pam asking if she thinks Dwight’s acting weird: +1
But she just thinks Dwight’s being nice: -1
Jim quickly points out that Dwight being nice is weird: +1
They great each other cutely when Jim calls Pam to update everyone on Dwight’s condition: +2

Final Score, +2: There’s not much Jim and Pam interaction this episode, and the little there was was pretty normal. It’s slightly concerning that Pam joking around with suddenly-friendly-Dwight makes Jim jealous, but it also helped them identify that Dwight had a concussion sooner.

Next Round, The Secret


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