Pam Pong Round 17: Booze Cruise

211pp-original-biggerPrevious Round, Christmas Party: Thanks to Yankee Swap, Jim spends most of the episode worried his gift to Pam (complete with a card saying how he feels) will end up in the wrong hands. Pam comes through and gets Jim’s gift back (but Jim swipes the card before she can read it). Final Score +10

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 211: Booze Cruise

Pam “buys” Dwight’s pencil cup to help Jim with his prank: +1
Pam and Jim have a cute talking head speculating on what the company retreat will be: +1
In the conference room, Jim and Pam play off each other to tease Michael: +1
Jim brings Katy to the Booze Cruise, and Roy is there as well: -2
They all sit together, and Roy teases Pam about being an art nerd in high school (but Jim defends her): +1
As Katy does her cheer, Pam does a little head bob for Jim: +1
Jim and Pam go hang out on the deck alone: +2
Pam says she doesn’t get Roy sometimes: +1
When asked what it’s like dating a cheerleader, Jim kind of laughs it off: +1
Then engages Pam in the famous “27-seconds-of-silence” stare: +3
Pam breaks off the eye contact, proclaiming it’s cold: -2
Back inside Jim seems pretty down: -1
Pam tells Katy her engagement seems to have “no end in sight”: +1
Jim heads towards Pam, stopping to tell the camera if the boat was sinking, he’d save the receptionist: +2
Then Roy gets on the mic and says he and Pam should get married on June 10th: -8
Pam is overjoyed and rushes up to kiss Roy: -3
Jim is devastated, and breaks things Katy moments later: -3
Jim confides to Michael that he likes Pam: +1
Michael tells Jim if he likes Pam so much, Jim shouldn’t give up: +2
Jim leaves off with a little smile at Michael’s words of encouragement: +1

Final Score, +1: Again Jim was on the verge of confessing his feelings to Pam and again he couldn’t quite do it, and with Pam and Roy’s wedding date set, Jim appeared ready to throw in the towel. But there’s silver lining in the form of, believe it or not, Michael. When Michael encourages Jim to go for it, Jim seems to seriously consider Michael’s words, and we see there may be a little fight left in our favorite lovelorn salesman.

Next Round, The Injury


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