Pam Pong Round 16: Christmas Party

210pp-biggerPrevious Round, Email Surveillance: Though Pam still gets incredible uncomfortable when anyone suggests she and Jim are anything but friends, they have a pretty good time together at Jim’s party. Final Score +7

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 210: Christmas Party

Jim has finally drawn Pam for Secret Santa: +1
He gets her a teapot and fills it with little inside joke items like his yearbook photo and a pack of hot sauce Pam mistook for ketchup: +1
Also a card because “Christmas is the time to tell people how you feel”: +1
Judging by Jim’s nervous expression, he really has written how he feels in the card: +2
Pam is very excited about her teapot: +1
But is interrupted before she can look at the bonus gifts: -2
The teapot gets passed around after Michael introduces “Yankee Swap” and Jim is obviously upset: -2
Jim tries to convince Pam to take the teapot back during Yankee Swap: +1
But Pam goes for the iPod: -2
Jim tries to trade Dwight for the teapot but to no avail: -1
Roy is excited about the iPod because it means he doesn’t have to get Pam a big gift: +1
Pam is pensive as she watches Dwight with the teapot: +1
Jim stops by reception and Pam reveals she’s traded with Dwight to get the teapot back: +5
They have a good laugh over the little bonus gifts inside: +2
Pam is all smiles during her talking head, saying she made the right gift choice: +2
Jim takes the Christmas card back while Pam is distracted: -2
Still, as they leave the office, the camera catches Jim with a smile on his face: +1

Final Score, +10: Pam trading the iPod to get Jim’s teapot back was a pretty amazing gesture and shows that she does care very much for Jim and their friendship. It’s a little hard to say why Jim took the card back before Pam could read it, was it because he lost his nerve or was it because he decided it wasn’t the right time for it? Regardless, it turned out to be a nice Christmas for them both.

Next Round, Booze Cruise


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