Pam Pong Round 15: Email Surveillance

209pp-biggerPrevious Round, Performance Review: Jim and Pam once again show off their teamwork skills by successfully convincing Dwight it was the wrong day. However, it’s increasingly clear that things are fine between Jim and Pam as long as they’re superficial. Still, it was overall a positive episode and a final score of +5

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 209: Email Surveillance

Pam calls Jim over to her desk to tell him she thinks something’s happening with Angela between Dwight: +1
They joke about trying to get Dwight to “hide and wait” somewhere at Jim’s party: +1
Pam plans on attending Jim’s barbecue without Roy: +2
Jim brightly greets Pam when she arrives to the party: +1
And she “definitely” wants to go on the house tour: +1
Pam overhears Ryan ask about Katy, and Jim say he hasn’t talked to her recently: +1
Jim catches Pam alone in his room, checking out his “home office”: +2
Then Pam finds Jim’s yearbook and calls his class photo “dorky”: -1
But she’s giggling as she says this: +2
And Jim gives her a rather loving glance as she checks out the yearbook: +2
When Pam asks Phyllis if she’s heard about any secret office romances, she’s alarmed to learn Phyllis thinks she and Jim are more than friends: -4
Pam immediate drops her Dwight and Angela investigation: -1
As she’s sounds a bit anxious as she tells the camera people can just be friends and it was unfair to assume an office romance was going on: -3
But Jim and Pam sit next to each for the rest of the party: +1
And she laughs and smiles brightly at Jim when he sings with Michael: +2

Final Score, +7: We finally get to see Jim and Pam hang out in a non-work setting, and with no fiance or boss (at least for a little while) they are very comfortable around each other and share an incredibly cute moment over Jim’s yearbook. But when Phyllis suggests there’s something romantic going on with the pair, we see Pam get very adamant that she and Jim are just friends. She’s still stays close to Jim during the party, and that smile she give him as his sings karaoke is about as affectionate a smile as we’ve seen on Pam.

Next Round, Christmas Party


2 thoughts on “Pam Pong Round 15: Email Surveillance

  1. Oh, you forgot how Jim looks right at Pam and shrugs during the lyrics of the duet about “making love with each other, ah ha” (and all-too-observant Phyllis in the background made me laugh). Although I would have added an extra point if he’d looked at her with a smile at “All this love we feel needs no conversation”, but I’m an old softie.

    • First off I’m so excited to be getting new comments! Please feel free to comment as much as you like, it may inspire more posts! 😉
      You’re right, Jim’s look during the “making love with each other” line should probably get it’s own point, Jim was so careful and subtle with his actions towards Pam in S2, but that was just straight up flirting, plus she responded positively. I may review some of these old Pam Pong posts and do some adjusting someday.
      Thanks again for your comment!

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