Pam Pong Round 14: Performance Review

208pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Client: Stuck at work until late, Jim and Pam have a very nice evening together involving a show (in the form of reading Michael’s screenplay), a rooftop dinner, and dancing, er, swaying to music. But the next day Pam dismisses Jim’s notion that it was a date, and when the dejected Jim makes a snide remark about Pam and Roy, Pam walks off insulted, resulting in a  final score of -1.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 208: Performance Review

Pam comes to Jim with news that Michael and Jan definitely made-out: +0.5
Jim enlists Pam to help him keep Dwight thinking it’s Friday (not Thursday): +1
Pam is excited about the prank and Jim can’t help but smile: +1
Pam comes over to Jim’s desk and they discuss the results of The Apprentice (a Thursday night show) so Dwight overhears: +1
In the break room, Pam wonders if Michael and Jan did more than make out: +0.5
Jim is a bit repulsed by that visual: -1
Pam asks “how do you come back from that”, and Jim says you don’t, especially working together, a possible subconscious reference to his own feelings for Pam: -2
Pam makes the mood light again by adding that the she meant how does one recover from making out with Michael: +1
They exchange looks as they eavesdrop on Michael and Jan: +1
The next day, they bow to each other when their efforts to keep Dwight thinking it was the wrong day were successful:  +2

Final Score, +5: Jim and Pam’s excellent teamwork is on display again and it’s nice to have an episode where their interactions start off good and pretty much stay that way the whole time, especially after the ups-and-downs of the last few episodes. There is, however, a pattern with Jim and Pam in that things are great as long as they’re superficial; whenever their interactions get too flirty or personal, it tends to fall apart.

Next Round, Email Surveillance


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