Pam Pong Round 13: The Client

207pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Fight: Jim and Pam’s play-fight was very flirty, but when Pam notices a coworker watching, she’s extremely self conscious and avoids Jim for the rest of the day. Jim’s peace offering of bag a chips helped the episode end on a positive note, but just barely, final score +1.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 207: The Client

Pam talk about her worst first date, where her date forgot about her at a hockey game: +1
Then Pam sheepishly reveals the date was Roy, and Jim is secretly pleased to learn this: +1
Pam goes to Jim immediately after finding Michael’s movie screenplay, to which Jim says “Oh Pam, good work!”: +2
Roy stops by as they read the screenplay: -2
And Pam tells Roy she has to stay late so he heads home: +3
Jim tells the camera he had to cancel plans to stay late: -2
But he’s cool with hanging out at work because he’s “not a complainer”: +2
And he makes Pam his famous grilled cheese sandwich: +1
Which they share alone on the roof: +2
Pam says she can’t remember the last time someone made her dinner: +1
As they head out, Pam and Jim share earbuds and listen to a song: +2
The next day, Jim is at Pam’s desk, laughing as they gossip about Michael and Jan: +1
Jim suggests that last night was kind of his and Pam’s first date because there was dinner, a show, and dancing: +1
Pam is skeptical, saying “Swaying isn’t dancing”: -3
Jim responded that at least he didn’t leave her at a hockey game, bringing up Pam’s terrible first date with Roy: -3
Pam takes offense, and walks away before Jim can apologize or anything: -5
Jim tells the camera he was joking, clearly crestfallen as he says it’s not really a date when the girl has a fiance: -3

Final Score, -1: Dinner, firework, music, dancing swaying; this is easily Jim and Pam’s most positive episode so far . . . until the last scene. Jim is pushing the boundaries of his and Pam’s friendship by suggesting they had a romantic “date”, but the engaged Pam clearly wants to establish that wasn’t what it was. When Pam takes offense to Jim’s jab at her and Roy’s first date and walks off, there’s just no time left in the episode for Jim to recover.

Next Round, Performance Review


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