Pam Pong Round 12: The Fight

206pp-biggerPrevious Round, Halloween: When Pam encourages Jim to go for a better job in a different state, Jim can’t hide that he’s a bit hurt. They barely talk for the rest of the day, until Pam pulls Jim aside and says she doesn’t actually want him to leave, to bring the score to +4.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 206: The Fight

When reading Jim’s palm, Pam says he’s has bad fortune: -1
But she complements his teeth, and Jim smiles: +2
Jim has a hard time convincing Pam to help set up a fight between Dwight and Michael: -1
But she agrees when he says he’ll buy her chips: +2
And she does a great job provoking Michael: +1
Jim teases Pam by reading her gloved palm: +1
She teases him back by lightly hitting him, and play fighting him: +3
Though she’s laughing when Jim picks her up, Pam asks him to put her down: -1
Then when Meredith sees them, Pam demands Jim puts her down, and walk away annoyed: -5
Pam avoids looking at Jim the rest of the day: -2
Jim starts to write Pam an email: +2
But then erases it when he sees the camera zooming in: -1
Pam doesn’t look at Jim when he says goodbye to her: -1
But she notices he bought her chips, and glances over at him: +2

Final Score, +1: While this episode ended with things lukewarm at best between Jim and Pam, there are are positives to draw from their “fight”. It wasn’t Jim’s “play-fighting” that upset Pam, it was that Meredith saw them being so close and flirty. Pam wouldn’t care about that if she wasn’t harboring feelings for Jim. Of course, we are seeing that Pam’s way’s of dealing with problems is avoidance, so what will she do when there’s something that she can’t avoid?

Next Round, The Client


2 thoughts on “Pam Pong Round 12: The Fight

  1. Why have you stopped doing the Pam Pong, i realize that these are really old episodes and all, but I really enjoyed seeing how someone else broke down each episode.

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