Pam Pong Round 4: The Alliance

104-pp-biggerPrevious Round, Health Care: JAM suffered no major setbacks (likely due to Roy not making an appearance), but there also wasn’t a lot of real progress which resulted in a score of +3

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 104: The Alliance

Jim goes straight to Pam to work on pranking Dwight: +2
Jim’s crush slips out a little when he says, “she’s so great” to the camera: +1
But he quickly covers his feelings back up: – 2
They worked together all day in order to prank Dwight: +3
Jim and Pam are very close and even touching when he talks about convincing Dwight to go undercover: +2
But Roy sees it and gets in Jim’s face: – 3
Dwight hangs Jim out to dry when Roy asks about “The Alliance”: – 3
Like in the Pilot, Pam as trouble standing up to Roy: – 1

Final Score: -1, everything was going swimmingly, but between Roy and Dwight, Jim and Pam suffer a big blow and the episode ends before they can recover.

Next round: Basketball


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