Pam Pong Round 2: Diversity Day

102-pp-biggerPrevious Round, The Pilot: JAM got off to an early lead with Jim knowing little things about Pam, like her favorite yogurt, but took a big blow when it was revealed she was engaged, resulting in a final score of Zero.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 102: Diversity Day
Because of the seminars and Jim’s client, Pam and Jim don’t get to talk much during “Diversity Day” -2
But there is a little flirting when Pam talks to Jim about FreeCell: +1
Plus the camera catches them sitting/standing next to each other a couple times: +1
And Roy doesn’t make an appearance in this episode: +1
Jim immediately thinks of Pam when Ryan says “she’s cute, huh?”: +2
But is quick to remind himself she’s engaged: -1
Pam falls asleep on Jim’s shoulder: +5
She’s a little embarrassed when she wakes up and they don’t really talk afterwards: -2
But still, it made Jim’s day: +3

Final Score: +8, Pam is comfortable enough with Jim to let herself fall asleep on his shoulder, which is very promising. Also that one simple act made Jim’s problems seem to melt away and even after losing his biggest client he concluded it was “not a bad day.”

Next Round: Health Care


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