Pam Pong Round 1: The Pilot

101-pp-biggerTo go along with my episode descriptions, I’m going to post these “Pam Pong” posts, basically I summarize the Jim Pam events of the episode and assign them a point value.

Pam Pong Scorecard
Episode 101: The Pilot

Pam beams when she says Jim thinks her drawings are good: +2
Jim knows Pam’s favorite yogurt flavor: +3
Pam blushes at Jim’s knowing about “mixed berries”: +4
Pam’s engaged: -10
But the wedding’s been delayed, and the new date is unknown: +2
Plus Roy’s a lug: +1
Pam struggles to stand up to Roy: -3
Pam asks Jim to walk out with her: +3
The camera and Roy’s honking hinders their last exchange: -2

Final Score: Zero, It’s cute that Jim has a crush on Pam, and promising that she at least subconsciously returns some of his feelings, but this is just one of many days where the cameras and their situation prevents any real progress.

Next Round: Diversity Day


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