Top Moments of Season 4

It’s Mid-May, which means it’s about that time to say good-bye to our favorite paper company for four months. It’s a little more bitter sweet than usual as the Writer’s strike shortened the season about half-a-dozen episodes, but we had a lot of big moments this season. So let’s look at Flonkerton’s favorite moments of this (woefully short) season.

FYI: This post was actually inspired by this completely awesome “Top 5” picspam by opportunistice over at LiveJournal. For those that don’t know, a “picspam” is exactly what it sounds like, tons of pics being thrown at you as once, so people with slow connections have been warned.

Onward to the list! This is by no means a be-all-end-all list of Top S4 moments, just 10 of my favorite moments.

Kelly’s pregnancy scare, “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”: When a flirty little pink dress wasn’t enough to impress Ryan, Kelly pulled out the big guns. The editing is what really makes this scene hilarious as they cut to a talking head of Kelly simply shaking her head to confirm she’s not pregnant, as well as proclaiming “We have a date!” when Ryan reluctantly agrees to take her to dinner to talk about the “baby”.

The Bouncing Box, “Launch Party”: Easily the best cold opener of the season, Michael thinks he has the full attention of the staff when really the bouncing color DVD square on the screen is what the crew is intently watching. Cut in an adorable talking head of Pam insisting she did actually see the box go right into the corner once, and Kevin telling Oscar that he’s “gotta believe”, and you have a great scene.

Take a chance on Andy, “Launch Party”: I confess, I used to really hate when Andy sang. Okay, many not “hate”, but get very annoyed at the amount of screen time devoted to his “super sexy falsetto” (end of Product Recall anyone?). However, Andy did win me over in Launch Party when he enlisted his former A Capella buddies to serenade Angela. How could anyone say no?

Whoever/Whomever: “Money”: It’s ensemble acting at it’s finest as the staff debate whether “whomever” or “whoever” is correct. I can’t do the scene justice by describing it, you just have to watch.

Jim talks to Dwight, “Money”: Though Dwight is Jim’s favorite prank target, he put that all aside for a moment as he went to the stairwell to talk the recently heart broken Schrute. Jim confesses he went to Stamford because he was torn up over Pam, and he wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone, even Dwight. Yeah, kinda sounds sappy, I know, but John and Rainn really pull it off to make a simple, emotional scene. Plus it’s immediately followed by Jim kissing Pam, which always makes me happy.

The “real” commercial, “Local Ad”: Michael’s creative efforts for a Dunder Mifflin commercial are all for not as corporate really just wants a few seconds of the staff waving at the end of a professionally produced 30-second spot. But there was some special about watching the crew watch the “real” commercial, which despite low production values was actually pretty good. For a brief moment, you could tell everyone was just a little bit proud to be working at Dunder MIfflin.

Michael loves birthday parties, “Survivor Man”: A hilarious montage of past birthday parties/disasters as Jim talks, in his patented sarcastic-serious voice, about Michael’s love of only singing the high harmony to “Happy Birthday” as well as scaring the crap out of the everyone with his “surprise” parties. Again, I don’t know if I can do this scene justice by describing it, you just have to see.

Jan’s Candles, “Dinner Party”: Jim and Pam probably suspected that dinner at Jan and Michael’s was a train wreck waiting to happen. And the train was already starting to derail as soon as they walked through the door and were taken on a tour of the Jan-centric house. Jim and Pam got a first hand glimpse at what the former business woman is doing with herself these days when they entered her candle room. Jim’s gagging face kills me every time.

Jim ties his shoe, “Chair Model”: After some playful banter about getting engaged, Jim shows the cameras an engagement ring he got only a week after he and Pam started dating. Jim then psyches out Pam, and frankly most of us watching, as he gets on one knee and softly calls Pam over to ask will she . . . wait while he ties his shoe. You got us pretty good there, Halpert.

Michael lays down the law with Stanley, “Did I Stutter?”: First off, I love how the wrath of Stanley is way more effective in clearing the office than any fire drill. I also love how I actually expected Michael to seriously reprimand Stanley, but instead sobs and asks why Stanley keep picking on him. Now if only the scene had “fluffy fingers”.

Yeah, not a bad season? What were your favorite scenes?


2 thoughts on “Top Moments of Season 4

  1. I had to stop after Survivor Man because I don’t have access to the second half of this season, post-writer’s strike but I agree with all your choices. I heart The Office so much, if I were to make a list, it’d be the top 10 moments of every episode or something.

    Kelly’s pregnancy scare, the bouncing box and PB&J kissing action are my personal faves!

    I also love your choice of blog name! That was a great episode. Especially with the yogurt-lid medal tie in with Jim asking Pam out on their first date.

  2. Hello,

    I’m new to this web-site. I’d like to say that it is doing a great job. My favorite moments of Season 4 also included:

    – Andy forgetting the lyrics to the Kit Kat commercial in Local Ad.

    – Jim and Pam visiting Dwight’s farm in Money.

    – When Jim and Pam pranked Dwight into believing that the computer had reached self-realiation.

    – When they prank Utica in Branch Wars

    – How Michael goes from Hating to Loving Holly

    -When Dwight and Michael sing an altered version of American Pie at the Chair Model’s grave.

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