Random Poll: Breaking Up (is hard to do)

Random Poll BreakupsIt’s Valentine’s Day, so what better day to talk about broken hearts!

Break-ups are a bit like people; they’re all different. Some are quiet, while other are loud, some are somewhat amiable, while others leave people destroying property. Here’s a look back at the Break-ups of Dunder Mifflin, and a poll on which was the ugliest break up.

Breakup - Jim and KatyJim and Katy – Booze Cruise

Katy and Jim simply weren’t long for this world. Katy was sweet but kind of ditzy, and Jim often seemed embarrassed by her. Plus there was the unavoidable fact that she just wasn’t Pam, a problem that came to a head in Booze Cruise when Roy finally set a wedding date. The heart-broken Jim couldn’t fake it with Katy any longer as he watched Roy and Pam dance, and flatly told Katy they should break up.

Carol and Michael – Benihana Christmas

Breakup - Michael and CarolIt’s no easy task to be involved with Michael in any capacity, especially romantically. Carol stayed with Michael even after he prematurely proposed to her in front of a gym full of people, but the last straw was Michael photoshopping himself into a picture of Carol and her kids and sending it out as a Christmas card. Carol quite literally shut the door in Michael’s face, leaving Michael to face the holidays alone.

Breakup - Pam and RoyPam and Roy (breakup #2) – Cocktails

After a few light beers in “Cocktails”, Pam decided to confess to Roy that she kissed Jim on Casino Night. Good for her conscious, bad for her newly rekindled relationship. Roy reacted to the news by yelling and throwing his beer at the bar. Pam didn’t mess around, though, and walked away from the bar declaring that “This is over.”

Michael and Jan – Women’s Appreciation

Breakup - Michael and JanSurprisingly enough, Michael turned out to be the sane one in this relationship as it’s slowly revealed that Jan’s libido was out of control. After getting some advice from the office women, Michael decides to tell Jan it’s over . . . via voicemail . . . which Jan doesn’t hear until she sitting in Michael’s office. Awk-ward!

Breakup - Jan and Dunder MifflinJan and Dunder Mifflin – The Job

Jan’s dismissal from DM was much less like professional business person being let go and much more like an angry girlfriend storming out. From interrupting an interview to making a scene in the front area and calling the CFO an A-hole to later suing the company for wrongful termination, Jan and DM’s “break-up” was pretty rough.

Jim and Karen – The Job

Breakup - Karen and JimThough we never saw the actual break-up, all evidence points to it being rather unceremonious. When Jim said he broke up with Karen after the job interview, he likely meant right after the job interview as the passenger seat of his car is empty on his way back to Scranton, where he rushes back to work to ask Pam out to dinner. The aftermath is ugly as Karen chews Jim out in front of everyone before she transfers, then chews him out again when a prank leads Jim to her new office. There’s little hope of these two ever being friends, or even being on good terms.

Breakup - Ryan and KellyRyan and Kelly – The Job

Ryan was desperate for an out from his relationship with Kelly almost as soon as he got in it. Kelly’s grip only seemed to tighten until an unexpected call from corporate came and Ryan was off to New York. It’s clear Ryan took lessons from the “Jim Halpert School of Breaking Up” and he announces to Kelly “You and I are done.” mere seconds after the call from the CFO.

Dwight and Angela: Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Breakup - Angela and DwightPuritan viewpoints and a mutual disdain for all their fellow employees brought Angela and Dwight together, but a death would tear them apart; specifically the death of Angela’s cat Sprinkles. Angela used countless medications to keep her ailing cat going, but when Dwight is put in charge of Sprinkles for one day, he decides the humane thing to do is put her down . . . in the freezer. Angela takes the death hard and can’t even look at Dwight without thinking of Sprinkle’s “stiff life-less body”. Dwight makes a last ditch effort with Angela by giving her a stray cat, but to no avail: Angela was done with Dwight.

That’s it for the heartbreak, so which was the worst? Please vote!


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