Life Without The Office: Day 16

That’s right, it’s been merely 16 days since the last episode of The Office, but it certainly feels longer, doesn’t it? It also doesn’t help that I haven’t been posting on this site much. I was going to promise to have Random Polls and Viewing Clubs, but it’s good I didn’t because I wouldn’t have followed up very well.

Anyway, the big news on the Writer’s Guide Strike is they started talking to the Studios again this week, but what the studios are offering is far from what the WGA is asking for, so I don’t know if we’re very much closer to a resolution to this strike.

In happier news, Angela Kinsey announced that she expecting her first child in May. Yay, Angela!

As far as what I’ve been up to that’s Office related, I wrote recaps of the last two episodes for, so you can check those out: Survivor Man, The Deposition.

Also, in what might become a regular segment, I would like to spotlight other Office Sites that I think are worth checking out.

This time I would like to Spotlight Scranton Times. This Livejournal community is basically a “Reader’s Digest” of the Office Fandom, posting a list of the best that office flans have to offer every couple days.

This post is kinda everywhere, and I’m sorry. It just shows how lost I am without this show. Come back soon, Office!


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