Random Poll: Dunder Mifflin Halloween

Yep, Random Poll is back, and on a random day of the week too! Future Random Polls will be posted on Monday, but this one is special, so it’s being posted now.

Not sure what you’re going to wear to that costume party this weekend? Look no further than The Office. In one of my personal favorite episodes, “Halloween”, the employees of Dunder Mifflin dressed up in costume that are easy to replicate and won’t put too much strain on your wallet. Go to the jump for instructions on becoming your favorite employee and vote on your favorite.

Michael – Two-headed Man
Now this might be a bit time consuming, but it’s still doable. Get some newspaper and paste and mold it around a blown-up balloon. When dry, paint with acrylic paint, and glue some cloth around the base. People will be fooled for sure!

Dwight – Sith Lord
Show off your inner geek and be a Sith lord. This could get pricey if you want to get fancy, but most costume shops should have a simple black hooded cloak and any good toy store will have a light saber. Get gray face paint and pencil in lines with an eyebrow pencil to get that lovely ashen evil look.

Jim – 3-Hole Punch Jim
If you’re lucky, you won’t need to spend a dime to get this costume together. Just tape three round pieces of paper (may need a compass to get them nice and round) to a white shirt. Now you’re available in two varieties, plain and 3-hole punch.

Pam and Angela – Black and White Cat
If you have a lot of white clothes or black clothes, this is an easy outfit. Get black or white cat ears to go with your clothes, put on a little black makeup and voila. If you really wanna be Angela, find a stuffed white cat to carry with you as Sprinkles, and you’ll be a couple of kittens out on the town. Black Cats, get your guy to be “3-hole punch Jim” and be the cutest couple around.

Kevin – Dunder Mifflin Hero (ala Mr. Incredible)
Find yourself an adult sized Mr. Incredible outfit (or some sort of knock off), tape a large print out of the Dunder Mifflin logo to the chest, and you will be a hero, Dunder Mifflin style!

Oscar – Woman
Raid your mom or grandma’s closet for a print dress (the uglier the pattern, the better), find some costume jewerly, and a blond bee-hive wig. But beware your boss accusing you of showing your “true colors”.

Phyllis – Leopard
Show off your wild side with a leopard outfit, all you need is a leopard print shirt, scarf, ears plus some black face paint.

Kelly – Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
Now this costume requires a bit more planning than most of these costumes. Fine some cheap flats, and cover them with glue and red glitter. Find a Dorothy-style blue plaid dress at a costume, or sew one from a pattern and get a white, puffy cap sleeved shirt to go with it. Tie your hair in French braids and you’ll be Dorothy. Or maybe you should just wear a soccer outfit at be Jess from Bend It Like Beckham.

Devon – Hobo
A quick trip to a secondhand store should be all you need to get this outfit together. Get some ratty, mismatched clothes, a hat, and a little black face paint to make you look scruffy.

Creed – Dracula
Black cape, fake teeth, and you’re ready to go

Look at all your options! So, which is your favorite?


5 thoughts on “Random Poll: Dunder Mifflin Halloween

  1. That is pretty awesome. Last year I drunkenly observed that one of my friends kind of looked like Jim, and told him he should have been 3-hole punch Jim, and since I have curly hair, I could be Pam. Then everyone around us was like “Lauren’s coming onto you, man.” I wasn’t, I swear 😉

  2. Okay, amusing story time: I was asked to wear a costume and explain Halloween to the 7th graders at my Japanese junior high. I kept trying to tell the teacher, “I don’t have a costume, there’s no place to buy a costume in this tiny town, and I have no time to go to a bigger town to buy a costume” but I got the ol’ Japanese “Gambatte” (do your best) so I had to come up with something quick. But Office came to my rescue; I made cat ears out of a black sock, used a black belt for a tail and drew a nose and whiskers on with eyeliner. So basically, I was Kitty Pam. Now to find my 3-hole punch Jim . . .

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