Office Odds and Ends

Last season and over the summer I posted weekly Office trivia for Dunderheads to enjoy. Now it’s a new season, and like Pam, Flonkerton Trivia is letting it’s hair down to become “Odds and Ends.” I was feeling a bit stifled by the old format, so I’m creating something a little more lucid. Instead of just straight up trivia, “Odds and Ends” will be just that, random tidbits, links to videos or articles new and old, pictures, just anything that is fun and Office related and may not fit anywhere else. Past Odds and Ends with be archived in this post. Oh, and you can still read my old list of straight-up-Office trivia if you want.

6/1: What happens when you combine The Office with the strict hierarchy of a Japanese work place? This: Sono Jimusho (and yes, they are speaking Japanese, though not terribly well).

5/22: If you’re looking for Ryan’s arrest video on YouTube, you might be out of luck, but NBC did post it on the Office Website, check it out: Ryan’s arrest

5/3: Dwight’s organization chart from “Did I Stutter” is available from and includes many bits of interesting information (he wasn’t kidding about the menstrual cycles) Download the PDF of the main chart and the emergency overlay.

4/23: Episodes often go through several title changes before a final title is selected. “The Return” was originally “Oscar’s Return”, “Beach Games” was “Coal Walk”, and “Chair Model” was initially called “Michael’s Date” and then “Parking”.

4/14 Hunter’s song in “Dinner Party” was written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, with music and vocals by Todd Fancy of The New Pornographers. Listen to it here.

3/17: Interested in becoming the Jim Halpert of your own office? Try this extreme but surely hilarious prank: Cups runneth over

11/2:John Krasinski may one of the most bankable “money beets” of The Office, but Rainn Wilson got an opportunity to shine in the “sexy” area. He is included in this years People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” list. Watch his super geeky video here.

10/26: The first Office Convention is being held in Scranton this weekend. Read all about Scranton’s response to the fame that the show has brought to the city.

10/19: Schrute Farms does have a listing on, and reviews from some people you may recognize. Beats the Radish-Inn.


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