Summer Viewing Club: Business School

This is the 10th installment of my viewing club series. Each week, whatever rerun NBC airs, I will suggest 2 or 3 episodes with the same “theme” and post some discussion questions.

This week’s rerun: Business School
The theme: Pam and Michael’s friendship
Much like Jim, Pam doesn’t seem to be too happy with Michael as her boss and is always looking for new ways to tease him. Despite that, Michael and Pam have formed and unexpected bond, and have supported each other on several occasions.

The Viewing List

Grief Counseling (3.04): Though she starts off mildly teasing Michael, Pam puts together a memorial service that makes Michael feel better about the passing of his old boss.

Diwali (3.06): When both Pam and Michael strike out after taking a chance on love, they have a bit of a heart to heart outside the Diwali celebration.

Business School (3.17): Pam’s first art show is a bust until a unlikely person saves the day.

Women’s Appreciation (3.22): Pam gives Michael relationship advice when he takes the ladies of the office to the mall.

extra credit, Performance Review (2.08): Not sure how to act after his “hook-up” with Jan, Michael turns to Pam for advice.

Discussion Questions

1. Despite Michael’s constant insensitive and sexist remarks, Pam has reach out to him on several occasions, why does she do so?

2. Pam has given Michael’s advice about Jan on several occasions. Presuming Pam and Jim will be dating next season, what kind relationship advice would Michael give Pam?

3. What is your favorite Michael and Pam moment?

4. Michael has often hinted he’s attracted to Pam, much to Pam’s horror. How drunk would Pam have be to hook-up with Michael?

5. What gift do you think Michael bought for Pam’s canceled wedding?

Watch the episodes, ponder the questions, and please post your answers. And feel free to post suggestions for the next SVC. NBC will be airing a repeat of “Cocktails” (it’s like they’re reairing them in order or something!)


2 thoughts on “Summer Viewing Club: Business School

  1. 1. I think it’s Pam’s friendly, caring nature. She’s willing to overlook really stupid things that some of the people in her life to and she’s able to find the good. (Hello! Roy!?! Haha)

    2. Probably something pretty useless like…”Don’t try to improve his form in the bedroom. That is…such a turn-off.” Michael has given good advice in the past (i.e. “Never, ever give up”), but none of it that I can think of off the top of my head is about keeping a relationship alive and healthy…

    3. Pam’s art show. Hands down.

    4. So drunk she wouldn’t be able to see clearly and she would think that Michael is actually Jim, haha.

    5. Sexy lingerie. 😀
    …Maybe a DVD player. I don’t know why though…

  2. 1. I think you’re right Auna, it’s just Pam’s nature to be warm and caring. Also, despite the questionable things Michael has said to Pam, he’s very rarely and never intentionally mean to her . . . in other words, he always means well, and I think Pam knows that.

    2. “Well, word of advice: unbutton that top button. Let those things breathe.” 🙂 But really, I can see Michael giving Pam some sexual and therefore way inappropriate advice, in fact, I’m looking forward to it.

    3. Pam’s art show certainly gets me all misty eyed. I also love when in Casino Night Pam tells the camera Michael usually does better on his 2nd try at phone calls. “Still me” hehe

    4. Diwali was about as lonely and vulnerable as Pam ever was, so if nothing happened then, nothing is certainly gonna happen now.

    5. A gift certificate at Chili’s . . . which she can’t use since she’s banned for life, oops.

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