And the Search Continues…

I was very pleased to see so many emails this past week when I ran the Scavenger search, but there could be only one winner. Now, I don’t know how the other sites are picking someone at random, but I went through a rather silly process of writing everyone whose answers were all correct onto the back of a Post-It note, putting the folded Post-It notes in my very special kimono-fabric bag, mixing it up and drawing one card. And the name on that card was:

Andy S. of Texas

Whoo-hoo, congrats, Andy.

Now, I’m one of those “why can everyone win” kind of people, so I wanted to give out a few consolation prizes. This is a dog and pony operation, and I can’t sent you all real prizes, but hopefully you’ll still like my digital prizes:

The Eager Beaver Dundie goes to Macey B. for being the first person to send in answers. You get a Schrute Buck.

Now, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the Under The Wire Dundie goes to Jessica V. being the last email I received before the deadline. You get this Pam Wallpaper (since she managed to get her confession in just under the “deadline” too)

Next, the Creative Cat Dundie goes to Michelle C. for sending in pictures along with her answers. You get this photoshopped picture: Pirates of Dunder Mifflin.

The Above and Beyond Dundie goes to Teresa R. for sending in her answers in a Word document. Well done, you get this hot picture of John Krasinski.

The Short and Sweet Dundie goes to Janell H. for a simple and to-the-point email. You get a Stanley Nickel.

And lastly the Miss Organization Dundie goes to Jennifer C. for having a super well organized email with bold type and links to everything. You get a Dwangela wallpaper (or you can pick all the wallpapers from Resonate Designs)

Now it’s time to get cracking on Week 4! The new task list is up now at Good Luck, everyone!


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