Random Poll: Office Goofs

The Office may be one of the best shows on TV, but that doesn’t make it perfect. Even our favorite show has suffered it’s share of continuity errors, mistaken locations, out-of-order episodes, and more. Here are some of the worst offenses. (Go to the jump, or go straight to the poll)

Name mix up on Season 1 DVDs
It’s clear from the generic, no frills menus that not a lot of money was put into the S1 DVD. Apparently not a lot of proofreading was put into either, as the episode menu for “The Alliance” incorrectly says “Dwight asks John to form an alliance” rather than “Jim”. Unsupervised summer interns!

The Dundies: Where’s that music coming from?
At the end of “The Dundies” Jim walks Pam to Angela’s car and watches her leave as “Tiny Dancer” plays in the background. It’s a very sweet scene. However, there’s a bit of an unspoken rule that the only time you’ll hear music on the show is if the source is shown: a car stereo, an iPod, or someone’s computer. I’ve hear elaborate theories that the “documentary crew” used sound recorded from Dwight’s stereo earlier in the episode, but I think it’s clear the show crew just goofed forgot their own rules.

First Part of Season 2 out of order?
I had heard several times that “The Client” was suppose to air before “Halloween” and “The Fight”, I had also heard “The Fire” was originally suppose to be the source of Michael’s man-crush on Ryan. Then I found this list that revealed the first 8 episodes of Season 2 are out of whack. If you combine all the info out there, the intended order of the first 8 Season 2 episodes were: The Fire, The Dundies, Sexual Harassment, Office Olympics, The Client, Performance Review, Halloween, and The Fight. It’s not crucial that you watch it in this order, however, it apparently does make more sense.

Oscar: not always gay?
We first learned Oscar was gay in “The Secret”, however in “The Fire” when Jim asked “Who would you do” Oscar said “Pam” with little hesitation. The actor revealed that Greg Daniels did come to him at some point after the show started and said Oscar was going to be gay. So Oscar saying he would do Pam was either written before the writers knew he would be gay, or was simply a flub on their part.

Non-local locales
The Office does a pretty good job of mentioning real Scranton eateries like Farley’s, Cooper’s and Poor Richard’s. Sadly they haven’t been so authentic with some of the restaurants that they’ve actually gone to. Chili’s is the least offensive choice as there is a Chili’s in nearby Wilkes-Barre, however it’s nearly a half-hour drive from downtown Scranton, not “around the corner” as Michael’s suggested. Much more egregious were the choices of Hooters (the nearest one to Scranton at the time of airing was an hour away) and Benihana (nearest one is more than 90 minutes away).

Two different kisses
Once fans got over the initial shock of Pam rejecting Jim after they kissed in “Gay Witch Hunt” they noticed something else: it clearly wasn’t the same kiss and the one shown on Casino Night. Jim’s hair is slightly shorter, they positions are different as well as their motions post kiss (maybe you only notice it after you watch it number of times I have). Look for yourself: CN Kiss, GWH Kiss. It was done in the name of secrecy; not even Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski knew the fate of their characters before they received scripts, but still, they could have made it more convincing.

Jim: faking his video game ineptitude?
In “The Coup” Jim sucks it up at “Call of Duty”, acting like he’s never played the game, or any video game really. However in ‘Email Surveillance”, a copy of Call of Duty is visible on Jim desk in his room. Also, Toby is spotted in the background playing COD on a X-Box. Nice try, Jim.

Plenty of Herr’s Chips
Either Jim and Karen need glasses, or the prop-department didn’t get some memo. Either way, as Karen exclaims there are no Herr’s chips, it’s clear the entire second row is Herr’s Chips, including the Salt and Vinegar chips on the left side (I checked the website, and Salt and Vinegar are the only Herr’s chips packaged in a white bag). I never thought I would say this, but when Andy said “check the vending machine”, they should have listened.

Inconsistencies with the weather
You have to give The Office credit: they do try to add a “weather” element by keeping the cast in coats most of the year, and have even gone so far as to add fake snow in episodes like “Christmas Party” and “The Convict”. But there’s just no getting around the fact that they’re filming in Southern California. The cast can shiver all they want, but it’s clear to the audience that in The Office’s Scranton, the forecast is usually 70 degrees and sunny.

So now that I’ve listed some of the goofs, which do you think is the worst? Vote Now!


15 thoughts on “Random Poll: Office Goofs

  1. Yeah, that was pretty goofy. The only reason I didn’t include that was because the creators intended to do. They left out an explanation in the episode that aired, but included it in a “producer’s cut” that was online for a week, as well as in the iTunes episode. I guess it was kind of an experiment to see if they can put stuff that’s key to the plot online and if fans would see it, and clearly that experiment failed (maybe more people would have seen it if they said at the episode “find out what happened to Andy online”?)

  2. About “Tiny Dancer” at the end of “The Dundies”. . . I’m pretty sure it’s on the commentary (but I might have heard it somewhere else) but one of the producers mentioned that it’s a rule in documentaries that it’s allowable to add music for effect if that music has been heard earlier in the documentary coming from a specific source. Because the song appears earlier in the episode, it’s allowable to use later on.

  3. I don’t consider the locales to be errors. Names and places have to be cleared. So they were probably able to use Hooters because there is not actually one in Scranton. Sometimes the business aspect of tv just gets in the way.

  4. badlybefuddled – I think that’s the long winded explanation I heard, but the fact still remains that they haven’t played music without the source shown since The Dundies 😉

    Catherine – Yeah, you’re probably right that some legal mumbo jumbo probably gets in the way of using some restaurant names. I know Chili’s at first didn’t want to be part of “The Dundies” because the script initially called for Pam to throw up. I agree it’s not really a “goof”, more like creative liberties.

    The episode order thing isn’t really a “goof” either, I’m sure there were outside factors that made them switch the episodes from their intended order.

    Why am I explaining so much, it’s just the Random Poll!

  5. I’ve always chalked Oscar’s “Pam” answer up to him being in the closet. He’s not interested in making a big deal out of it in the middle of a game, so he just goes the “Who would you do… if you were straight?” route.

  6. Ack, this was just suppose to be a fun non-consequential poll!

    srah – Yeah, I thought about that, but it’s not like Oscar was even directly asked who he would do, he could have just said nothing.
    I’m still leaning toward it being an oversight on the writers part for a couple reasons:
    * The Fire was the first episode filmed for Season 2, I don’t know when exactly the actor was told his character was going to be gay, it could have been after this. Also, the writers might have had no idea when they were going to reveal Oscar as gay.
    * The whole purpose of the scene was for Jim to get uncomfortable with several other office guys proclaiming they would do Pam, I don’t think the writers were really consciously thinking “Oscar’s going to be trying to act straight in this scene.”
    * It could have been improvised, maybe the script simply called for one or two male co-workers to agree with Kevin but didn’t really specify who.

  7. One of my biggest pet peeves is how we are told Andy’s anger management is 10 weeks and then he says he gets out in 5. But he gets back to the office AFTER Phyllis gets back from her honeymoon – which is 6 weeks. Makes no sense.

  8. Tara – Wow, how could I have forgotten about that? Yeah, Andy’s Anger Management plus the whole timeline between Cocktails and The Negotiation is a mystery, maybe I shall investigate it this weekend 😉

  9. So I’m extremely late to this party, but something that always bothers me is the inconsistency of Kelly’s character in the first season. In the diversity training episode when Michael is doing the offensive Indian accent and she slaps him, that is NOT the Kelly we know in later seasons (possibly even later in that season– I don’t remember when the character becomes what she is now). Look at her clothes, her hair, her reaction– she doesn’t say a word (very un-Kellylike). I’m sure it’s similar to the Oscar thing where the writers probably hadn’t yet figured out what they wanted to do with her, but it’s so different that it’s almost like they used the same actress for two different roles.

  10. Ok, most of these are pretty bad, but the thing about Oscar can be explained. Yes, WE know that he is gay, but he doesn’t want to tell his coworkers until “Gay Witch Hunt” (but he is forced to). So by saying Pam he is covering himself. Pretty obvious…

  11. I think the biggest inconsistency is over who had been working at Dunder-Mifflin the longest, Jim or Pam. On one hand, Jim says that he had had a crush on Pam when she first started working there. On the other hand it was said that Pam brought Jim to his desk on his first day.

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