The Office Summer Scavenger Search: Week 3

It’s Week Three of The Office Scavenger Search, and this week it’s being hosted right here on Flonkerton. Nine of your favorite Office sites have come together to chase away Summer repeat blues and give Dunderheads an opportunity to win fabulous prizes! And the grand prize pool just got bigger as I’m officially adding a Flonkerton “Paper Doves” journal and a Flonkerton button.

Here is your Task List for Week Three. You will find one answer on each of these sites, including right here on Flonkerton.

Your replies to each item must include the website you found it on. Each site can only be used for one answer in the list and each question is specific to one site.

1. One of these sites has the answer to this question: Before Madge worked at Dunder Mifflin she drove a fork lift for what store? (what’s the site and what’s the answer?)

2. One of these sites featured a write-up of May’s Office event in Scranton. This site reported that the stars “really loved” a certain establishment. What establishment was this?

3. Which Office-related person does Sarah say she wants to receive a muffin basket from in Episode 14 of The Office Alliance Podcast?

4. One of the writers for one of these sites took an Office Personality quiz and posted their results. They were tied with Karen, Pam and Jim at 58% match as their 2nd place personality, but which character was their #1 personality?

5. This site has a post analyzing the colors of Pam’s cardigans. What color has Pam worn in episodes where she’s stepped out of her “comfort zone” and which two episodes does the writer mention?

6. On this site’s main page, there is a photo of Jell-O with a picture of a character suspended inside. Which character is it, and what color is the Jell-O?

7. This site has a post about NBC’s live blog, headed by a picture of Angela. What is Angela holding?

8. This site has challenged its fanfiction authors to write stories with a very small word limit. What’s the site and what’s the word limit for the challenge?

9. After walking on hot coals, Pam made a big confession to Jim and, indirectly, everyone else. One of these sites has the exact dialog of that confession. What exactly did Pam say?

Bonus Question: In the “Photo & Video” section of the Official Office Convention Website, there’s a picture Angela Kinsey and Brian Baumgartner wearing very festive hats shaped like what animal?

Submit your answers to by 11:59pm Pacific time on July 29th. The deadline has now passed, thank you for playing this week. Week 4’s task list is now up at Look for a post announcing Week 3’s winner soon!

(All entries must follow all the rules or they will be considered void)

  • Only one entry per person/per week
  • Residents of the Continental U.S. do not pay shipping for prizes. Hawaii , Alaska and International entries will have to pay for the shipping if they win.
  • Hunters may only win once, but may participate in as many weeks as desired for fun.
  • All e-mail entries MUST include full name, city/state, e-mail and phone number. (Your full name and personal information will not be released.)
  • This contest, and sites included, are in no way associated with creators of “The Office”, NBC or any of its websites/affiliates.

Happy Hunting!


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