Summer Viewing Club: Ben Franklin

This is the 8th installment of my viewing club series. Each week, whatever rerun NBC airs, I will suggest 2 or 3 episodes with the same “theme” and post some discussion questions.

This week’s rerun: Ben Franklin
The Theme: Party at the office
Everyone loves an office party, well, except for most of the people actually attending one. The parties at Dunder Mifflin are at best mildly entertaining and at worst exercises in torture as Michael somehow makes things more uncomfortable than they usually are. So push those desk up against the wall, set your iTunes to “party shuffle” and let’s talk about awesomely awful office parties.

The Viewing List
The Alliance (1.04): Michael attempts to boost moral with a very early birthday party for Meredith.

Christmas Party (2.10): The usual boring office gift exchange gets rather cutthroat when Michael introduces “Yankee Swap”.

Casino Night (2.22): The warehouse is turned into a casino for the night as the staff makes various kinds of gambles.

A Benihana Christmas (3:10-11): a rift within the party planning committee results in dueling parties as Angela tries to make people choose her party over Pam and Karen’s.

Ben Franklin (3:15): In honor of Phyllis’ and Bob Vance’s upcoming wedding, Michael arranges concurring bachelor and bachelorette parties in the office.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you think should run the Party Planning Committee if/when Angela is overthrown?

2. If you worked at Dunder Mifflin, what would you do to try to spice up the office parties? (Besides alcohol, because that’s just a given)

3. Which in-office Dunder Mifflin party is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Feel free to explain why.

4. Overall which do you enjoy more; the in-office parties or out-of-office parties? Why?

5. What holiday/event/theme would you like to see Dunder Mifflin celebrate next season?

Watch the episodes, ponder the questions, and post some answers. If you’re still in the mood to answer other discussion questions, check out the Summer Viewing Club archives, tons of questions waiting to be answered!

And feel free to post suggestions for the next SVC. NBC will be airing a repeat of “Phyllis’ Wedding”.


One thought on “Summer Viewing Club: Ben Franklin

  1. I hope everyone was on vacation the week I posted this . . . So let me get the ball rolling:

    1. I can see Kelly getting into something like that, but then again she might make everything pink. I can see Fancy New Beesly leading the revolution over Angela, so many she should do it.

    2. I don’t know, because Michael would jump in an try to dominate whatever. Maybe Dance Dance Revolution or something with a Nintendo Wii

    3. It seemed like everyone eventually had a good time in the 2006 christmas party, so that’s my favorite. Or Casino Night . . . I don’t know! Least favorite would probably be the impromptu luau they threw in “Back From Vaction”.

    4. I like a good mixture of both. In-Office parties are more awkward and therefore funnier, but the out-of-office parties off people a chance to be themselves.

    5. I hear Scranton has a pretty good St. Patrick’s day parade, so maybe that.

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