Fanart Wednesday: “Oop, wait, stop. Drawings.”

After Flonkerton’s little vacation last week, Fanart Wednesday is back!

Audrey, aka icieboo, has the very special distinction of being the very first person to actually submit fanart to me (in the past I’ve had to find it all myself). Thank you for making my job easier, Aubrey.

Here are Jim, Pam, and Michael

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been kept up nights wondering what a Dunder Mifflin-sponsored Nascar would look like. But no more! Check out this drawing by Bryan:
Dunder Mifflin Nascar
Check out the larger picture.

Have you created, or know someone whose created some Office Fanart? Nominated them (or yourself) by posting a comment or sending an email to Come back next Wednesday for the next Fanart installment.


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