Random Poll: Welcome Back!

Warning: This post refers to a Season 4 spoiler. It’s a very, very tiny spoiler, but if you’re hardcore about staying spoiler free, you may need to sit this week out.

This week’s topic: Welcome Back!
Mindy Kaling recently said that in Season 4 we will be seeing a character we thought was long gone. I thought rather than discussing who we think we’ll see again, we should discuss who we want to see again. So here are some long gone/cameo characters along with some reasons we may see them again, and then you can vote on who you want to see.

Katy the Purse Girl
why we may see her: If she’s still in the soliciting business, it’s possible she may come around to Dunder Mifflin again, possible with a new product.
why we’d want to see her: It would certainly provide some Office-trademarked awkwardness for Katy to be around Jim and Pam the couple. Also, imagine the hilarity if Andy hit on her, and if she responded!

why we may see him: Though Roy left Dunder Mifflin, it’s doubtful he left Scranton. It’s very possible he’ll find a delivery kind of job that may bring him back to DM. Also, he was with Pam for a long time, and if, say, something happens to a member of his family, he may stop by or call Pam to tell her about it.
why we’d want to see him: Can we say tension? Plus it’s a great opportunity for Dwight to use some karate moves.

why we may see her: Maybe Michael goes on shopping spree and is forced to take out a second mortgage. Or he sends out another inappropriate card to his friends.
why we’d want to see her: Jan was pretty civil the last time she saw Carol, but I don’t think Carol would be so lucky the second time around. Cat fight!

Devon (the guy fired in “Halloween”)
why we may see him: He certainly fills the criteria of “long gone”. If you saw the “Valentine’s Day” deleted scenes, he seems to hold a grudge as well.
why we’d want to see him: More smashed pumpkins!

Martin, Tony, or Hannah (the Stamford folks)
why we may see them: I think all three of them have a pretty good discrimination suit if they wanted to pursue it, maybe class action against Michael?
why we’d want to see him: Michael Scott getting sued could be a few episodes worth of entertainment.

Cousin Mose
why we may see him: Team-building Paintball session at the Schrute farm! He could wear his “Fear” sweater again.
why we’d want to see him: I for one would like to see what he’s whittled since last fall. Plus what if he got a creepy crush on Pam . . . or even Angela.

why we may see her: She and Kevin are still engaged, aren’t they? It’s about time for Kevin to make a decision on that front.
why we’d want to see her: I personally need a better wedding episode to wash the bad taste of “Phyllis’ Wedding” out of my mouth.

Todd Packer
why we may see him: Eh, you know, he just one of those “stop by once in a while” guys who hasn’t stopped by in a while.
why we’d want to see him: Don’t you just wonder what old Pack’s been up to? Okay, I don’t, but other fans do.

why we may see him: Eh, there could be some old divorce disagreement he and Jan are still having. Or maybe he confronts Michael about turning Jan into a nut.
why we’d want to see him: Just because we never have, and it could be hilarious.

You never know who’s gonna show up again. Capt. Jack? Mr. Brown? The Vance Refrigeration guys? The sky’s the limit!

Now that we have all that, let’s vote!

If you vote “Other” please post who, and maybe a creative reason that character would return.


2 thoughts on “Random Poll: Welcome Back!

  1. I’d vote “other”. Maybe it could be one of the people from Michael’s improve class. Possibly the documentary crew wanted to show more of Michael causing havoc during his improve classes.

    Another possibility is Tate, the security guard at Dunder-Mifflin.
    But I don’t really have a reason for how he’s gonna show up.

  2. Well if I was thinking way, way out there, how bout some of Creeds old bandmates? He and the boys could play at Poor Richards with Kevin on drums..

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