Summer Viewing Club Review

Since I was traveling all day yesterday, I wasn’t able to get a “Summer Viewing Club” post together for last night’s repeat. But I figured because we’re nearing the half-way point of the summer break, and since many of the old SVCs only have one or two comments, it’d be good to do a “Summer Viewing Club” review. Please don’t be shy about commenting even if the post is old; I consider the viewing club to be a summer long deal. Also, if you don’t have a great answer for all the questions, that’s okay, answer only the questions you want to answer. And lastly, feel free to pose your own questions.

Initiation: Ryan’s Decent into Dunder Mifflin madness
Ryan Howard came to Dunder Mifflin as a temp, and frankly liked it that way. He didn’t want to get too involved with activities, wasn’t too “eager to please” his boss, and was determined to never be known as “The Something Guy” around the office. But two years, a girlfriend, and a couple promotions later, Ryan is in deep and it’s starting to look like there’s no way out.

Office Olympics, Booze Cruise, The Secret: Secret Secrets
“Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets hurt someone.” Despite that sage advice from Elizabeth the stripper, there are plenty of secrets of the romantic variety floating around Dunder Mifflin; secret crushes, secret romances, even secret desires to break up.

Jim and Pam apartCasino Night, Branch Closing, The Merger: Jim and Pam’s time apart
After 3 years of spending 40 hours a week together, Jim and Pam were suddenly in different states and facing big changes. Pam was single for the first time in her adult life, and Jim was trying move on from the heart break he endured on Casino Night. Just when each was settling into a new routine, they were back in the same office, but their relationship would never be the same.

DiwaliDiwali: Partying outside the office
Dunder Mifflin isn’t exactly the best place to throw a party with it’s neutral colors and harsh florescent lighting, so once in a while Michael Scott and company take their show on the road. Not only does this offer a change of scenery, but also gives us a peek at how our favorite office workers interact outside the office.

Michael upsetGrief Counseling: Michael facing serious life issues
Michael is a goofy, quirky guy who never seems to take anything seriously. So it’s no surprise that when faced with more serious issues, he’s never quite sure how to handle himself (other than to try to bring attention to himself).

The Coup: Dwight’s Power Trips
Jim once marveled at how the tiniest bit of power goes immediately to Dwight’s head, but despite Dwight’s dictator-like aspirations, he loves rules and authority (as in following authority). Is Dwight really a leader, or does he just want to be someone’s #2?

Jim and MichaelThe Convention: Jim and Michael’s odd friendship
Despite his apparent disdain for his boss, Jim has forged a bit of a friendship with Michael, and surprisingly has confided in him on more than one occasion.

Summer Viewing Club will be back next week for the repeat of “Ben Franklin”, and I welcome suggestions for what the theme should be.


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