Updates to the Flonkerton Playlist

It’s Friday, which means it’s fanvid time! Here are the latest additions to the Flonkerton Video Playlist.

The Office – You’re So Damn Hot by DementedRiku
– a tribute about Jim, Pam and . . . Dwight?

The Denial Twist by 4AMinsomniac
– who would have thought a White Stripes song would be so appropriate for Jim and Pam?

Brokeback Office by oneandonlydave
– you knew it was only a matter of time until someone made an Office “Brokeback Mountain” spoof.

A Different Spin On “The Office” by Cucchiaio
– I don’t know if I can really describe this video, it’s just very unique and clever.

The Office: Jim & Pam – Time (Wait For Me) by AugustInTheOffice
– an emotionally magnificent JAM vid

Domo Arigato, Mr. Scott-o by genrocks
– The Office + Mr. Roboto, how could it not be awesome?

Pam Pong: A Tribute to Pam Beesly by ladama
– yeah, it’s some shameless self promotion of my newest vid, set to a song inspired by our favorite receptionist.


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