Fanart Wednesday: “Sensei? Hello, it’s Sempai”

Wow, I’m really cheating in this post. First off I’m posting it on Thursday instead of Wednesday, and secondly, the title quotes isn’t related to art. But since both of this week’s pieces are in a bit of a Japanese style, I thought it fit.

  • First deviantART user daphnemoon (aka Micah Jo) made this really fun Manga-style Jim and Pam drawing. Oh, the gigantic eyes!
    daphnemoon Jim and Pam
    See the full size piece.
  • Then deviantART user punkbunny223 (aka Babs) made this fun piece of our favorite Dunder Mifflinites. (Not sure about Jim’s hair color, though)
    The Office by punkbunny223
    See the full-size piece.

Have you created, or know someone whose created some Office Fanart? Nominated them (or yourself) by posting a comment or sending an email to Come back next Wednesday for the next Fanart installment.


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