Random Poll: Awesome Meltdowns

This is the “Random Poll Question of the Week” series where I post a relatively pointless question and poll just for fun, and to keep us busy until Season 4 starts.

This week’s topic: Hardcore self-destruction
The day-in, day-out monotony of working at a paper company is not for the weak of mind, and more than a few Dunder Mifflin employees have cracked. Here are a few of the more awesome meltdowns, from property damage to radical plastic surgery.

Meredith coming onto everyone (Christmas Party, Booze Cruise)
Before these episodes, there had only been hints that Meredith was an alcoholic and a loose woman. Then Michael brought vodka to the Christmas party and it was downhill for Meredith as she drank herself into oblivion and propositioned Michael. The very next episode, Meredith after several drinks hooked up with Captain Jack and was seen wearing a life-jacket . . . and not much else.

Ryan hooking up with Kelly (Valentine’s Day)
It’s not a good idea to hook up with a coworker or with someone the day before Valentine’s Day, but Ryan judgment had to have been hindered by something (alcohol? sex? both?) when he hooked up with Kelly. Suddenly Ryan went from a swinging bachelor to a reluctant boyfriend who just couldn’t find a way out of the relationship.

Dwight begs for Michael’s forgiveness (The Coup)
When Dwight makes a play for Michael’s job, Michael turns the tables on him by letting Dwight think he the new branch manager. When Michael reveals he was onto Dwight, Dwight goes from power crazed boss to a groveling fool as he make an embarrassing plea for Michael to forgive him. After Dwight cries and crawls on the floor, Michael forgives him on one condition: Dwight does his laundry for a year.

Andy punches a hole in the wall (The Return)
When he yelled and kicked the trashcan after Jim put his calculator in Jell-O, it was apparent Andy was a ticking time-bomb of rage. The thing that ended up setting him off was Pam and Jim’s smoothly executed prank that involved putting his cell-phone in the ceiling and playing dumb as they called the phone repeatedly. Andy’s brain finally broke and he punched a hole in the wall, earning him 10 weeks of Anger Management.

Michael makes a scene at Phyllis’ Wedding
Weddings already represented trauma for Michael as it’s revealed he peed his pants at his mother’s wedding and his ring bearer’s duties were given to a dog, but when Phyllis’ dad negates Michael’s wheelchair pushing duties, Michael goes over the edge. After prematurely announcing Phyllis and Bob as man and wife, getting into the cake cutting ceremony, and making a tasteless comment during a toast, Michael spends the rest of the wedding outside with Uncle Al.

Roy tries to kill Jim (The Negotiation)
As if tearing up Poor Richard’s after Pam confessed she kissed Jim on Casino Night wasn’t enough of a meltdown, Roy went one step further and attempted to beat up Jim in the office. Fortunately, Dwight was speedy with his pepper spray, stopping Roy before he even got a punch in. But the damage was done as Roy lost his job as well as any chance of reconciling things with Pam.

Jan gets a boob job (The Job)
To an outsider, Jan seemed to exude confidence and togetherness in her job and her life, but the opposite was true as she progressively acted more erratic and got involved in a rather unhealthy relationship with Michael. She reached borderline insanity when she got a boob job and made a scene when the CFO told her she was being replaced. As Karen said, “That was some serious, hard-core self destruction.”

So which of these meltdowns was your favorite? Vote now!


2 thoughts on “Random Poll: Awesome Meltdowns

  1. Okay first. You are updating like a fiend lately and I LOVE it! 😀

    Second. I am conflicted. Because Andy punching a hole in the wall is definitely like, one of my favorite ever moments — but I don’t necessarily think that it’s the greatest office meltdown. Frankly, I’m going with Jan’s boob job on this one, because out of all the characters, I think that she’s the one that has traveled break-neck speed down the meltdown slope.

    Keep in mind that Andy’s moment is still my favorite. 😉

  2. I have updated a lot recently, haven’t I? I guess I’m trying to make up that week I hardly updated. They are also relatively short posts, I’m not sure if I have any hope of getting my “reviews” done before the season 4 premiere.

    I do agree Jan descended into madness the quickest, while with everyone else it was just a matte of time before they snapped. I also am having a tough time deciding between the hole in the wall and the boob job. I may have to sleep on it.

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