Office Mysteries: How do you spell that?

In this series, Flonkerton investigates some of the unanswered questions from “The Office.”

Office Mysteries Last NamesQuestion: How do you spell Dwight, Kelly, Pam and Karen’s last names?
status: solved

While there aren’t many ways to misspell “Scott” or “Halpert” or “Howard”, The Office does have a few characters with difficult to spell last names. Is it “Schrute” or “Shrute”? “Kapour” or “Kapoor”? And do you even want to take a stab at Karen’s last name? Fortunately, since we have access to what NBC officially says the names are, this mystery is pretty much solved. Now to correctly spell these names once and for all.

correct spelling of last name: Schrute
common misspellings: Shrute, Schrut, Shrut
“Schrute” is probably of German origin, which would explain the extra little “c” in the “sh” sound. And the “e” just makes it look more like a complete name, to me at least.

correct spelling of last name: Kapoor
common misspellings: Kapour, Kapur, Kappor
Since “poor” and “pour” are pronounced practically the same, that doesn’t help the average viewer spell this name. Kapoor is a common Indian name, and “Kapur” is an alternate spelling, though Kapoor is more often seen. Also, Kapoor is a big Bollywood family, so I can imagine the celebrity-obsessed Kelly is happy to association herself with any kind of fame.

correct spelling of last name: Beesly
common misspellings: Beasly, Beasley, Beesley
Even people from the show have had trouble with Pam’s last name. A shot of Oscar’s e-mail inbox shows her name misspelled as “Beasly”, and Jenna Fischer’s MySpace url is “”, and there probably half-a-dozen possible spellings. But Jenna and NBC confirms it is indeed “Beesly”.

correct spelling of last name: Filippelli
common misspellings: Filippeli, Fillippeli, Filipelli, Fillippelli
Ack, attack of the double consonants! Not only do they introduce Karen as a way to keep Jim and Pam apart for most of Season 3, they give her this crazy Italian last name that is quite possibly the most misspelled name on the show. Just try to remember 1-2-2 (1 L, 2 Ps, then 2 Ls) when attempting this last name.

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