Songs about The Office

This has been a busy week and I haven’t gotten to update as much as I like to. I’ll be posting a “Summer Viewing Club” entry later today, but I’m not sure when.

But anyway, while I’m busy, I wanted to point you Office flans in the direction of a new song. The band Sweet Diss and The Comebacks have written a song inspired by our favorite receptionist, it’s called “Pam Pong” and it’s a quite fun, especially when you listen for all the little references to the show. Check out the band’s MySpace, “Pam Pong” is the 4th song down.

This isn’t the first “Office” inspired tune; last year the Utah band Prospect Mali wrote an awesome Jim and Pam inspired song called “The Silence”. Go hear it at their Myspace.

Edit: Go to the jump to see the lyrics to “Pam Pong”

Sweet Diss and The Comebacks
“Pam Pong”

She will make up her hair, but she can’t make up her own mind
She will answer the phones, but she can’t answer her own heart
She’s the kind of girl you see, whose smile could light The Electric City
She’s the kind of girl you know that you could marry just to show you care

So, how are you Beesly? Who’s getting you down?
You know that you tease me when no one’s around everyday.

Catherine Zeta flirts, Bobblehead Joe has fireworks
The boss is already out, he’ll Schrute it up, I have no doubt.
She’s the kind of girl you’d adore, that you could make your famous cheese sandwich for.
And dance until the music stops; Look into her eyes, tell her how you feel.

So, how are you Beesly? Who’s getting you down?
You know that you tease me when no one’s around everyday.

She said ‘Swaying isn’t dancing’ and any idiot could tell you that I was crushed and what I said to her was so mean and then…
I walked away from the girl I love, the girl I need, the girl I deeply care about; the girl I want, the girl I desire, the girl I simply can’t live without


5 thoughts on “Songs about The Office

  1. I love your site! And I had no idea there were songs out there directly inspired by the office. I love the song by Prospect Silence. Do you have the mp3 or know how to get it? Ack, I’m not on myspace.

  2. I actually do have the song uploaded for someone else who had trouble getting it from myspace. Here’s a link. I can post the Pam Pong song also if you’re having trouble with that.

    [audio src="" /]

  3. Lauren!
    I love your blog site! Very very awesome!
    Thanks for helping to spread the word about Nate’s great “Pam Pong” song! He wrote it just for us Office Fans!
    But it’s such a wonderful and beautiful melody, that it’s seems like it’s wasted on just a few of us fans! We should continue spreading the word until Sweet Diss and the Comebacks gets the attention they deserve!

    The layout of your page is eye pleasing, and easy to navigate! Your posts are easy to understand, and very interesting! I will return frequently! Thanks for posting and doing this website!!

  4. On “Sweet Diss and The Comebacks” myspace page, they also have another song entitled “Dunder and Dwightning.”

    It can be downloaded here.

    [audio src="" /]

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