Random Poll: Jilted Lovers

This is the “Random Poll Question of the Week” series where I post a relatively pointless question and poll just for fun, and to keep us busy until Season 4 starts.

Jilted loversThis week’s topic: The exes of Dunder-Mifflin
A wise woman once said “Love is a battlefield”, and there certainly have been some casualties as the employees of Dunder Mifflin search for love. So how would these jilted lovers stack up in a no-holds barred cage match. Here are the strength and weaknesses of the exes of Dunder Mifflin.

*Finale Note: although Ryan dumped Kelly, and (presumably) Jim dumped Karen in “The Job” I’m not including them in this particular poll.

KatyKaty: The Purse Girl
Background: Dated Jim in the first half of Season 2, coldly dumped on the Booze Cruise after Pam and Roy set a wedding date.
Strengths: Hits all the points on Dwight’s check list (creamy skin, straight teeth, curly hair, amazing breasts). Nice, spunky, can do awesome cheers.
Weaknesses: Not the brightest bulb in the bunch, “Legally Blond” is one of her favorite movies.

RoyRoy: Blue-Collar guy
Background: Pam’s high school sweetheart, engaged to her for many years, but Pam dumped him shortly before their wedding. Briefly reconciled with Pam in 2nd half of Season 3, but was dumped again.
Strengths: Large guy, ex-football player, attempted to be more sensitive after Pam dumped him the first time, looks pretty good with a beard.
Weaknesses: known to fly off the handle, attempts to be more sensitive generally failed, has a DUI on record.

CarolCarol: Real Estate Hottie
Background: Michael’s realtor, started dating him at Casino night, dumped him in “A Benihana Christmas” after a series of humiliations.
Strengths: Can actually stand Michael for more than 5 consecutive minutes, do I really need to say more?
Weaknesses: The fact that she dated Michael for as long as she did puts her sanity in question.

There are our fighters, now it’s to vote:


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