The Fire: Episode 2.04

Episode 2.04“The Fire”
Season 2 Episode 4
Air Date: October 11, 2005
The staff evacuates to the parking lot after a fire starts in the kitchen. Dwight can’t hide his jealously over Michael’s interest in Ryan, while the rest of the staff engages in games such as “Desert Island” and “Who would you do?”

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Episode Summary
The episode opens with Pam answering the phone. It’s someone named Katy who is calling for Jim. Pam explains to the camera that Jim met Katy in the Office (in “Hot Girl”) and now they’re apparently going out. After Jim makes lunch plans with Katy and hangs up, Pam suggests to Jim he just give Katy his extension number.

In Michael’s office, Ryan is in for an evaluation that the temp agency requested. Michael asks what Ryan’s goals are, and Ryan replies that he would like to own his own business someday. Michael decides to teach Ryan all that he needs to know about business (10 rules that Michael clearly makes up as he goes along). Dwight is clearly envious of the attention Michael is giving Ryan, as he complains that Ryan is being a “third wheel.”

The fire drill goes off, and the Dunder Mifflin employees take their time exiting the building (save Michael who darts out first). Dwight is overly dramatic as he grabs the fire extinguisher and drags Kelly (who was perfectly capable of walking) out of the kitchen.

Outside, Michael continues his “10 rules of Business” list to Ryan, when Dwight comes up and suggests that they are like a trio, like the Three Musketeers, or Stooges. Ryan says in a talking head that he want to avoid earning a nickname at DM, or becoming “The-Something-Guy.”

To fight the boredom, Jim decides to coordinate some games. “Desert Island Books” is a mild success (which Angela only listing religious books, and Dwight trying to devise a way to have a hollowed out book with supplies inside) so Jim changes it to “Desert Island Movies.” Meredith lists off sappy romantic movies, which Jim and Pam poke fun at in their talking head.

Walking around their cars, Michael notices Ryan has many books in his car. Ryan tells him they’re for business school, which he’s attending. Michael challenges Ryan to ask him business questions, but Michael is stumped. Dwight comes to Michael’s defense by saying Michael didn’t need to go to business school, but Michael tells Dwight that Ryan knows more about business than Dwight ever would.

In the back of Ryan’s car, Michael gushes about how smart Ryan is and that Ryan should be teaching him. Michael then confesses that he likes interacting with people as a salesman rather than a manager. Ryan simply suggests that they should get out of the car to get some air.

Jim moves the game onto “Who Would You Do?” Kevin and Oscar quickly say Pam, and both Jim and Pam look flustered before loud music starts to play. Jim and Pam leave the group to investigate, and find Dwight moping in his car.

Dwight expresses his jealousy over Michael’s interest in Ryan. Pam and Jim can’t pass the chance to tease as Jim suggests that Dwight should quit, which would show both Ryan and Michael. Dwight tells them that he just wants to be alone, and starts his sad music back up. Jim and Pam walk away, silently laughing, when Roy walks up, asking is he could hang out with the office workers.

Everyone is still playing “Who would you do?”, and Roy answers “the tight-ass Christian Chick” (a.k.a Angela). Jim then answers that he would do Kevin because of his “teddy-bear” quality. Michael jumps in and says he would do Ryan. Ryan is horrified, and Roy laughs and tells them they’re all gay.

Ryan gets a call, and Michael mentions his phone is upstairs. Dwight runs into the building to retrieve it as Michael shouts that Dwight’s an idiot. Meanwhile, the women play “Who would you do?” Everyone says Jim, but Pam stalls and eventually says Oscar, or maybe Toby.

Michael and Ryan wait for Dwight when Michael asks Ryan to call his phone to help Dwight find it. A ring tone goes off, and Michael realizes the phone was in his pocket. He mumbles that he should probably tell the firemen about Dwight, when everyone turns to someone coughing.

Dwight comes out of the building with an announcement: that they don’t apparently teach how to work toaster ovens in business school before for holding up a charred disk. Ryan had started the fire with a cheese pita. Dwight starts to dance and sing with Michael joining in.

A car drives up; it’s Katy coming to pick up Jim. She tells Jim she had decided her “Desert Island” movies, so Jim calls everyone over for a last round. Katy’s first movie is “Legally Blond”; one of Meredith’s choices that Jim and Pam were making fun of earlier. Pam laughs, and Jim is a bit embarrassed as he tells Katy that the game has kind of ended and they should just go to lunch. Jim takes one last glance and Pam before getting in the car, and sees Pam grab Roy’s collar and kiss him.

Dwight is still teasing Ryan, and dubs him “The Fire Guy”, which was exactly what Ryan didn’t want. Michael tells Ryan his 5th rule of business, “safety first, a.k.a. don’t burn the building down”. He then tells Ryan that he will tell him the other 5 rules of business tomorrow, and everyone walks back into the building.

Flonkerton’s Favorite Quotes
Pam: Katy and Jim met in the office. And now I guess they’re like going out, or dating, or something. And, uh… I don’t know! You know? They’re just… She calls him, and they… You know, I’m sorry. I feel like I’m talking really loud. Am I talking really loud?

Dwight: Michael and I have a very special connection. He’s like Batman, I’m like Robin. He’s like the Lone Ranger, and I’m like Tonto. And it’s not like there was the Lone Ranger, and Tonto, and Bonto.

Michael: Yes, I was the first one out. And, yes, I’ve heard women and children first. But, we do not employ children. We are not a sweat shop. Thankfully. And, uh, women are equal in the workplace by law. So, I let them out first, I have a lawsuit on my hands.

Ryan: I don’t want to be like “a guy” here. You know? Like, Stanley is the “crossword puzzle guy”. And Angela has cats. I don’t want to have a thing… here. You know, I don’t want to be the “something guy”.

Jim: Okay, so… three books on a desert island? Angela.
Angela: The Bible.
Stanley: That’s one book. You’ve got two others.
Angela: A Purpose Driven Life.
Jim: Nice. Third book?
Angela: No.
Jim: Okay. Phyllis.
Phyllis: Um, The DaVinci Code.
Angela: The DaVinci Code! I would take The DaVinci Code… so I could burn The DaVinci Code.
Dwight: Okay. Great, that’s going to keep you warm for like 7 seconds

Dwight: Fine. Physician’s Desk Reference. hollowed out, inside: waterproof matches, iodine tablets, beet seeds, protein bars, NASA blanket, and, in case I get bored, Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone. No, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Question: did my shoes come off in the plane crash?

Jim: Wow.
Pam: Legends of the Fall?
Jim: Wow. Bridges of Madison County, Legally Blond, these movies are just… .
Pam: Well, I kind of liked Legal…
Jim: Wait, wait, wait. Pam. No. Do you understand? The… the game is Desert Island Movies, not guilty pleasure movies. Desert Island Movies are the movies you’re going to watch for the rest of your life! Forever! Unforgivable.
Pam: I take it back.
Jim: Unforgivable.
Pam: I take it back!
Jim: Good.

Michael: Jim? You’re next. Who would you do?
Jim: Um… Kevin, hands down. Yeah. He’s really got that teddy bear thing going on, and afterwards, we could just watch bowling.

Dwight: [coughing] Everyone, okay? Uh, I have an announcement. Apparently, in business school, they don’t teach you how to operate a toaster oven. Because some smart, sexy temp left his cheese pita on oven instead of timing it for the toaster thing.

Michael: Hey! I know what’ll impress everybody, I’ll start a fire. Oh, man. Bad idea. Bad idea jeans.


  • The firefighters that appeared in the episode were real firefighters. However, Scranton firefighters wear black, while in this episode they wore tan.
  • Ryan confuses Michael’s Yoda impression with Fozzy Bear, who are both voiced by Frank Oz.
  • The cast was informed to “not look hot” though they were filming in 100 degree weather.
  • Ryan’s role in starting the fire is mentioned later in Email Surveillance and Business School.
  • During the “Who would you do?” game, Oscar picked Pam, though in later episodes he’s revealed to be gay.
  • This was the first episode filmed of Season 2, and was suppose to be the origin of Michael’s man-crush on Ryan.
  • foreshadowing to future episodes: Michael comments how smart Ryan is and should be teaching him. In “The Job” Ryan was promoted to Jan’s job to become Michael’s superior.

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