Random Poll: Pam’s cardigans

This is the “Random Poll Question of the Week” series where I post a relatively pointless question and poll just for fun, and to keep us busy until Season 4 starts.

card-thumb(1)This week’s topic: Pam’s colorful cardigans
In honor of John Krasinski sporting a man-cardigan to this year’s MTV Movie awards, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Pam’s different cardigans. Like Jim’s hair, Pam’s sweaters are a central part of her “look” and often reflects her moods and how she feels about her relationships and her life. Go to the jump to see all the Pam’s different sweaters and vote on your favorite. (or go directly to the poll)

Light Pink
Pam wore a light pink cardigan several times during Season 2, usually in episodes where she’s in a lighter, more playful mood, like “Christmas Party” and “Drug Testing”.

Light Gray
This color was certainly fitting to the more melancholy mood of “Boys and Girls”

Pam has worn this color in episodes where she’s had more emotionally restrained conversations with Jim, such as when he told her he was over his crush on her in “The Secret”, or talking with him about Karen in “Back from Vacation”.

Pam wore this color in a couple episodes where she’s stepped out of her comfort zone, like going on her first date since breaking up with Roy in “The Convention” and changing a tire in “Women’s Appreciation”.

Knitted Gray
Pam wore this sweater in “The Merger” in an effort to “dress up” a little for Jim’s return to Scranton, but unfortunately the gray color ended up reflecting the “gray” mood of the episode when Pam learned Jim is with Karen.

Navy Blue
Pam wore this sweater in episodes where she had somewhat distant, but still friendly encounters with Jim, like him unleashing Andy on her in “The Convict” or her telling Jim about winning an art contest in “Traveling Salesmen” (the newpeat version)

Dark Gray
Pam wore this sweater in “The Negotiation”, where she not only deals with the aftermath of Roy’s temper, but her relationship with Jim reaches it’s rock bottom as he all-but-refuses to listen to her break-room apology.

Pam wore this rather bright (for Pam) sweater in “Product Recall”. There was almost no interaction with Jim in this episode, but she has ended things for good with Roy, and seems to be getting more comfortable with herself.

Light Blue
Pam wore this color in episodes where she’s talked seriously with Karen. She wore a light blue sweater when Karen “confronted” her about her past with Jim in “Ben Franklin”, which ended up dealing a huge blow to Pam’s confidence. She then wore this sweater in the first part of “The Job” where she apologizes if her speech made Karen feel weird (but refuses to apologize for the speech itself) and snidely (for Pam) tells Karen “I hope you get the job.” Pam also wore this sweater in “Safety Training” where Karen felt left out as Jim had fun with Pam and his Scranton co-workers.

Dark Pink
Kind of like the Light Pink sweater of Season 2, but better. Pam wears this sweater in the second part “The Job”, and the brightness and boldness of this sweater is reflected in Pam. She speaks very openly and honestly about Jim to the cameras for perhaps the first time ever, she also exhibits some independence as she has fun being in an “alliance” with Dwight without her usual prank partner.

There’s the break down of the colors, so which is your favorite? Vote now:


9 thoughts on “Random Poll: Pam’s cardigans

  1. You. are. awesome.


    This is such an interesting take on Pam. I never thought of her cardigans. Haha! I think she looks great in all of them. But I have to choose so I’m off to your poll.

  2. Ah, shucks

    Really, I never put a lot of thought into the cardigans either. I was just going to post some pictures and the poll, but then I started noticing there were parallels between the episodes that she wore certain sweaters in, it was serendipitous 🙂

  3. I forgot about the navy blue, dark gray, and red cardigans for some reason ^^;;

    I loved this post. It was nice seeing the breakdown of Pam’s cardigans in relation to her feelings, etc.

  4. My favorite cardigan would have to be the Dark pink one,because it really fits her character well and also the fact that it looks better on her than all the other colors.

  5. Does anyone have a PATTERN for knitted grey from The Merger??? She says her mom made it, so of course my daughter wants her mom to make it! Thanks!

  6. So, I’m about to make a sweater and after hearing that Pam had worn a sweater similar to the one I’m going knit I did a search for a picture and wound up here. The pattern is called “Seeded Cables Cardigan” by Sarah Heiniger and can be found in the book Sensual Knits (I found it at my library). I’m pretty sure it’s not the same sweater but it does look quite similar. If you are a member on Ravelry.com you can see other examples and the gray ones do look just like Pam’s. Happy Knitting!

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