Office Olympics: Episode 2.03

Office Olympics“Office Olympics”
Season 2 Episode 3
Air Date: October 4, 2005
When Michael takes Dwight with him to close on his condo, Jim learns about the games staffers play during their “down time”, and initiates Office Games.

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Episode Summary
A shot of the parking lot shows it’s still dark outside, and we hear Michael claiming he’s an early bird and a night owl (therefore he’s wise and has worms). Ryan walks in with Michael’s breakfast, then asks what Michael called him in early for. Micheal admits he only called him in to bring him breakfast, but he can do whatever he wants for the next two hours. Ryan says he’s going to sleep in his car, and Michael starts eat his breakfast sandwich (without the bread, healthier).

Home Sweet Home
Michael announces to the camera today he’s becoming a home owner. Dwight, who’s sitting behind him, tells him he’s smart for diversifying. Michael talks about how important it is to own property, because in the old days they didn’t even let you vote if you didn’t have property, they’d throw you in the stocks. Dwight asserts that “stocks” should be brought back to modern times.

Michael is getting ready to go sign on his condo when Dwight asks if Michael’s lawyer will be there. Michael says no, and Dwight insists he go and be a representative for Michael, because Michael’s always trusted Dwight with work matters. Michael says this is personal, but coughs when Dwight asks if that means he taking a personal day. Dwight then pleads with Michael to take him and Michael reluctantly agrees. Dwight explains he’s been Michael’s #2 guy for five years, and they’re a great team (like Mozart and . . . Mozart’s friend, or Butch Cassidy and Mozart).

Dwight and Michael are in Michael’s car. Dwight wants to put the top down on Michael’s Sebring convertible so people can see them as Michael bumbles, embarrassed. Dwight then puts on some sunglasses, and Michael tells Dwight he doesn’t understand what Dwight spends his money on.

They arrive at the condo Michael is buying. Michael goes inside to meet with his mortgage broker Carol and the head of the condo association Bill (as Michael does a prolonged impression of Mr. Bill from Saturday Night Live). Dwight points out the condo is smaller than the place Michael is renting, and Michael mutters some things to Carol and Bill about how Dwight doesn’t know anything about property. Dwight tells the camera his grandfather left him a 60-acre working beet farm that he runs with his cousin, Mose. It a nice farm, but local teenagers sometimes have sex on the property. Before Michael signs any papers, Dwight asks what the neighborhood is like. Bill tells Michael the neighborhood is clean, safe, and “accepting of all lifestyles.” Michael just nods and Carol reiterates that it’s a “gay friendly” neighborhood. As Dwight tells Michael “let’s go check out the master bedroom,” Michael realizes Bill and Carol were insinuating Michael and Dwight were a gay couple.

Michael runs down the hallway to show off his master bedroom, with cathedral ceilings (as the camera pans up to a slightly vaulted ceiling) and “cable readiness.” Michael wants to put a plasma TV in, and Dwight points out the wall Michael wants to use is a shared wall, if the neighbor “threw his wife into the wall” the TV would fall. Michael tries to reason with Dwight when they hear the neighbor yelling and someone practicing a string instrument. “These babies are thin,” Dwight proclaims about the wall.

Carol has the mortgage forms ready for Michael to sign when Dwight asks what kind of mortgage Michael is getting. Michael says “10 years,” but Carol explains it’s 10 years fixed rate, but 30 years total. Michael starts to hyperventilate as Dwight rambles about how Michael will be paying the mortgage off in his mid-70s. Carol asks if Michael ready, and Michael goes outside to take a breather. Dwight tells the camera that Michael is essentially buying his coffin, and if Dwight were buying his coffin, he’d want one with thicker walls.

Michael is flustered as he asks Carol ridiculous questions, like are the ceilings lower than before and where are “all the hot people”, because as far as he can see, he’s the best looking one there. Carol suggests renting the 3rd bedroom if money’s a problem. Michael tells Carol he wants a lower price, or he’s walking, and Carol counters that Michael will lose $7,000 if he walks away now. In the next scene, Michael and Dwight are having lunch on the floor, and Michael says he “made the right decision”. Dwight and Michael laugh as they think about the “poor saps stuck in the office today”.

As they get ready to leave the condo, Michael asks Dwight if he wants to move into the 3rd bedroom. Michael wants a 4 year commitment from Dwight, or until he gets a girlfriend. Dwight asks where he can put his terrarium, and Michael says he can bring it. Dwight then asks things like where can he put all the armoires his grandparents left him, are they carpooling, and who the primary on the fire insurance is. Michael shouts that he revoking the offer. Dwight tells the camera he actually relieved because it was nice of Michael to offer, but he loves the farmhouse and has his own cross-bow range, though it would have been nice to have more than one bathroom.

In the car, Dwight suggests Michael refinance his mortgage, and talked about how he paid off his beat farm early. Michael snaps that no one cares about beets, and Dwight should grow something people actually like, like candy. Dwight reaches over to close the rooftop, and Michael smacks Dwight.

Let the games begin
Jim appears to be hard at work until he lets his head fall to his desk. Pam laughs in the background, and explains in a talking head that once in a while Jim “dies of boredom” (today it was the expense reports) and they have a deal that when that happens it’s up to Pam to “revive” him. Pam tells Jim that when Dwight’s not around, she tries to throw things into the coffee mug on his desk. Jim laughs and proceeds to attempt to throw wads of paper into Dwight’s mug.

Jim walks over to accounting to ask Oscar a question on his expense report when he notices some sort of scoreboard on Oscar’s desk. Oscar explains he and Kevin play a paper football game when Michael’s out, or when they’re bored (which is a lot). Jim tries it out, and Kevin tells him they call the game “Hateball” because Angela hates it so much. Jim asks if they have any other office games, and Kevin says they play “Who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth?” (Angela proclaims Kevin plays that game by himself). Oscar tells Jim that Toby has a game. Jim goes to the back room for a round of Dunderball, which is Toby and (presumably) Kelly bouncing a ball off the wall and over the partition between their desks. Jim walks up to Stanley and asks if he has any office games. Stanley tells Jim his game is “Work hard so my kids can go to college.”

Jim gathers the employees into the kitchen and hums the Olympic theme as Pam puts up a banner reading “1st Dunder Mifflin Olympiad.” Jim lights a candle (which he found in the men’s bathroom) and says it represents the “eternal burning of competition” (and smells like cookies). Everyone is competing for medals, which are yogurt lids on paper-clip necklaces, and Pam explains the “bronze” metals are really blue, and are the backside of the gold, so “no flipping”. Everyone falls silent when Angela walks to get her lunch from the refrigerator. Angela tells the camera she does play games, like dangling things in front of her cats, just not at work. After Angela leaves, Jim lifts the candle to start an Olympic procession to the main room.

In the conference room, Jim has paper boxes lined up for the event Pam names “Flonkerton”. Pam tells the camera that when Jim’s excited about something, he does a really great job and is into it, but “the problem with Jim is that he works here”. Phyllis and Kevin volunteer for Flonkerton, which is them putting their feet in the plastic bands around the paper boxes (the flonk ). Everyone cheers as Phyllis and Kevin scoot the paper boxes to a scotch tape finish line, and Phyllis wins by a nose. The next game is “Who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth”. The employee stare in shock as Kevin pours M&Ms in is mouth, and Jim says no one else should even try, so gold medal for Kevin.

Later, the employees are playing “Horse” with wads of paper while Pam asks Angela if she has any games. Angela tells her she does have one game called “Pam-Pong,” where Angela counts how many times Jim gets up and walks to Pam’s desk every day. Pam tells Angela she and Jim are just friends, and Angela replies “Apparently”. Pam walks away, and the game of “Horse” ends. Jim tells Stanley he got “H-O-R” and Phyllis got “H-O.” Phyllis asks if Jim’s calling her a “ho”, and Jim smiles at “Phyllis coming alive.”

The employees are gathered around the elevator, and Ryan wins a gold medal for correctly guessing who was going to be on the elevator. As they walk back into the office, Pam shows Jim something she made for the closing ceremonies. Jim high-fives her and tells her nice work, and Pam beams at Jim until she catches Angela putting a “check” on her Pam-Pong card.

Closing Ceremonies
Oscar and Toby are racing around the main room with mugs of coffee in their hands when Michael and Dwight walk in. Jim tries to encourage people to keep playing, but everyone immediately goes back to work. A defeated Jim tells the camera it took five minutes to fill out the expense reports and he closed two sales, so it was as productive as any other day. Pam catches Ryan throwing away the yogurt-lid medal he won, and Ryan rather unapologetically tells the camera he would have thrown it away sooner or later. Jim stares at his medal that he’s looped around his lamp, and then goes to Pam’s desk. Pam flatly tells Jim she has dozens of voice mails, but agrees to help Jim with the “closing ceremonies”.

Jim goes into Michael’s office and asks him to come out into the main room. Michael walks out to see the employees gathered and a “podium” made of boxes. Jim asks Michael to step on the top box and presents him a gold medal for closing on his condo. Michael is touched and tells everyone his “heart is full”. Jim presents Dwight with a silver medal, which Michael is quick to point out it’s not as good as gold, and Pam starts up the Star Spangled Banner (because Michael’s condo is in America. Pam pulls some fishing line with paper doves strung on them. Everyone had their hands over their hearts, and Michael has tears in his eyes as the anthem plays and everyone claps.


  • This is the first episode with a “Cold Opener,” (the segment that plays before the credits).
  • However, the cold opener was clearly filmed for The Dundies: Michael has the same tie, and when the camera pans to Ryan, you can see all the Dundie statuettes on Michael’s desk.
  • Starting with this episode, the footage playing during Steve Carell’s part of the opening credits was changed from a clip in Diversity Day to a clip from Sexual Harassment.
  • Carol, Michael’s real estate agent, is played by Nancy Walls, Steve Carell’s wife.
  • Vance Refrigeration is first mentioned in this episode.
  • Possible continuity error: It’s revealed Vance Refrigeration is on the same floor as Dunder-Mifflin, but in “The Pilot” Michael claimed Dunder Mifflin occupied the whole floor. This may be a result of Michael’s overly high opinion of the company.
  • The office games played in this episode are:
    Hate Ball: paper football game
    Who can put the most M&Ms in their mouth?: exactly how it sounds
    Dunderball: Volleying a ball across a cubicle partition.
    Flonkerton: paper-box snowshoeing
    Paper Horse: same as the basketball game, but with paper.
    Guess who’s on the elevator
    Coffee Mug Racing
    Other games not officially part of the competition:
    Work hard so my kids can go to college Stanley’s boring game
    Pam Pong: where Angela gives herself a point every time Jim goes to Pam’s desk.
  • During the national anthem at the end, everyone has their right hand over their heart, but Kevin has the wrong hand over the wrong side of his chest.
  • This is the 2nd reference to Kevin’s unfortunate ability to stink up the bathroom. In The Dundies Kevin won an awards for stinking up the bathroom, then in “The Fight” we see Kevin coming out of the the stall with the candle Jim found in this episode.
  • A mystery woman is visible during the coffee mug racing and the closing ceremonies. Read more about this mystery woman (Suspect #7).
  • reference to future episodes: In “The Job”, Jim finds a note from Pam with a gold yogurt lid “medal” attached to it in his sales report folder.

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