Random Poll: The Money Beets

This is the “Random Poll Question of the Week” series where I post a relatively pointless question and poll just for fun, and to keep us busy until late September.

This weeks topic: The “Money Beets” at Dunder Mifflin
According to Dwight, a “money beet” is an attractive beet that you put on top of other beets to lure in customers.
So, who’s the most “money” of these “money beets”?

Pam, Ryan, Karen, or Karen from behind?

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One thought on “Random Poll: The Money Beets

  1. I chose Karen only b/c she dresses up in those nice pantsuits and seems to be one of the most professional looking people in The Office. I love Pam and she dresses as i would expect her to dress so i’m not hating on her or anything. I think, however, when i really contemplate my vote, Pam is a great “money beet” b/c she always does look good and she’s the first person everyone sees when they enter… So Pam may be the “money beet” that’s worth the most. I should not be this conflicted =P

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