Jim Halpert, Time Traveler?

Ha, lame post title, I know, not feeling creative right now.
Anyway, I’ll be honest, I generally don’t get very excited when I see John Krasinski in a magazine. I guess it’s because I find his personality to be the most attractive thing about him, and am not terribly satisfied just looking at a picture, even if he’s all gussied up in expensive Italian suits.

However, an interview and photo-shoot with John is appearing in this month’s Mean Magazine, and I have to say, I think John looks really good in this ’20s-style shot.

Jim, 20's style

I don’t know what it is, but I really love this picture. Maybe because it looks like a frame from a movie rather than a posed shot, or harks back to season 2 Jim with his rolled up sleeves. Or maybe he just looks good. Yeah, that’s probably it.

p.s: GiveMeMyRemote has posted some more scans from the magazine, they’re good, I still like the above picture best, though.
p.p.s: GMMR now has the interview from the magazine posted, and it’s really good, you should go read it. Now, please.


3 thoughts on “Jim Halpert, Time Traveler?

  1. Holy… Wow! I thought he was cute enough as Jim, but damn! He sure does clean up really well. We need more pics like this. Especially the balcony and window pics.

  2. The picture of him on the balcony is definitely my computer desktop…and just about every icon that I have floating around on the internet. Haha!
    And I swear up and down, after reading that interview with him, I am completely and utterly smitten. I have not had this big of a crush on a celebrity since I was 13 years old! Haha!

  3. Yeah, Auna, i can’t help but have the little 13-year-old girl in me squee whenever i see a picture like this. He is just extremely handsome and that interview was wonderful.

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