Additions to Flonkerton Playlist

greatscott.jpgLast week I announced the forming of the “Flonkerton Video Playlist” where I’m going to gather my favorite Office vids using VodPod. I’m kind of meticulous about it, I have a spreadsheet and everything, and the plan is to add about 5 videos every weekend. So here are this weeks additions:

The Merger by andemarg (a.k.a. seat18b)
– a fake promo for the “Merger” episode, funny stuff
Michael and Dwight: SexyBack by ladama (a.k.a. yours truly)
– a tribute to the hotness of Michael and Dwight
It’s Getting Hot In Here: Scranton Style also by andemarg
– things are getting hot and heavy in Scranton
Andy Will Break You by aggiegurl22
– a tribute to Andy and his short fuse
Love Today: Office Style by Mozartsfriend
– there’s a lot of love at Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton.


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