Sexual Harassment: Episode 2.02

202 Sexual Harassment“Sexual Harassment”
Season 2 Episode 2
Air Date: September 27, 2005
Explicit emails, lewd jokes, and Todd Packer run a muck at Dunder-Mifflin, forcing corporate in intervene. Pam (and Jim) eagerly awaits a visit from her mother.

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Episode Summary
“There is no such thing as an appropriate joke”
Michael walks over to Jim’s desk and innocently asks if Jim’s checked his e-mail recently. Jim looks (in his spam folder) and finds an e-mail entitled “50 signs your priest might be Michael Jackson.” Michael laughs hysterically and in a talking head proclaims he is “King of e-mail forwards.” He says he likes keeping the mood of the office light, and that they are like “Friends” (Dwight is Kramer). Dwight then shows Michael a video with monkeys “doing a sex thing” as other office workers look on, not amused. Dwight asks if Michael would like to forward the e-mail, and as Michael stalls, a man walks up and lifts Michael’s jacket up over his head. It’s Todd Packer, Michael’s “best friend forever” (BFF). Todd immediately starts acting inappropriate, making a reference to “boning” Michael’s mom and asking Jim if he’s “still queer”. In a talking head, Michael tells a strange story about him and Packer picking up twins and watching while Packer “did both of them.”

Michael then tells Todd the CFO just resigned and no one know why. Todd, once again in an offensive way, explains the CFO was having an affair with his secretary and she reported it was sexual harassment. Todd then asks Michael if anyone would be willing to drive him around for the day because of his DUI situation. Michael volunteers Ryan, and laughs as Todd leave, proclaiming Todd can do anything. “Except pass that breathalyzer,” Jim says under his breath. Outside, Ryan notices Todd’s vanity plates (WLHUNG) and asks if Todd’s a William Hung fan, and Todd asks why everyone keep asking him that.

Michael asks Dwight to send him the link to the monkey video when Toby walks up and asks to speak to him. Michael voices his dislike of Toby by saying since Toby’s technically employed by corporate, he’s not really a part of the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton family. Michael stoops lower by saying since Toby’s divorced he’s “not really a part of his family.” Toby tells Michael that because of the problems with the CFO, corporate wants everyone to go through a quick sexual harassment presentation. Michael gets upset and claims corporate (and Toby) doesn’t want anyone to have any fun. Toby makes an announcement the whole office about the presentation while Michael scoffs and tells Toby he will “have a mutiny on his hands.” In a talking head Michael tells a tasteless joke about a prostitute that gave a man crabs (“What did you expect, lobster?”) then says “[these jokes] are what’s at stake.”

Michael goes down to the warehouse to see if he can pick up some new (inappropriate) jokes that would make everyone laugh at Toby’s presentation. Darryl starts commenting about how tight Michael’s pants are and asks if he bought them at “Queers R Us.” Michael tries to let it roll off his back and asks for a joke that’s not about him, but the warehouse workers continue to tease him and Michael ends up running away.

Back in the office, Toby asks if anyone has any questions about his sexual harassment presentation. Pam announces her mother is visiting and requests that everyone act appropriate around her. Toby says everyone should act every day like Pam’s mom is coming in and ends his presentation as Michael walks in with a blow up doll. Michael asks if everyone is aware what they can’t do anymore, Angela chimes in “email forwards” and comments that she hates them. Michael then comments about a “pin-up” Stanley has of a woman dressing in a school uniform and he should be allowed to have it. Stanley is a bit perturbed when he tells Michael that’s a picture of his daughter.

Meredith then asks what the policy is on office relationships and Toby comments they should be avoided, but if anyone is in one, they should disclose it to HR. Phyllis asks if all relationship should be reported, even one-night-stands (as Jim mugs at the camera). Michael says the “honor system” is fine, then announces he has never slept with an employee (but claims he could have). In a talking head, Jim tells the camera he’s in an office relationship with someone nice and also shy. He leans over to pull Michael’s blow-up doll into the frame. Jim acts surprised at her “nudity” and tells the camera she’s European, then moves the doll to make her look like she’s trying to kiss him.

Back in the main room, Michael asks a ridiculous hypothetical question about if Pam were a lesbian, would bringing in her partner be offensive. Toby says no, then Michael asks if Pam and her “partner” making out in front of everyone would it be offensive, or if they just made out at home, and Michael told everyone about it. Toby is confused, and Michael says they should act it out, with Pam being “Girl A” while the blow-up doll is “Girl B.” Pam is stunned, and the scene cuts to a video the warehouse workers are watching entitled “Crossing the line.”

Michael is watching the video in the conference room with the warehouse workers when he goes into the main room and asks if anyone wants to join in. Jim says “I’m good” to which Michael replies “That’s what she said.” Michael asks Pam, but Pam replies “My mother’s coming.” Michael chokes a little as he says “That’s what she said” again and goes back into the conference room.

In the Annex, Dwight walks to Toby’s desk. Dwight says that Toby said anyone can come to him if he has any questions, to which Toby says “sure.” Dwight starts asking questions about female anatomy including where the clitoris is, and what the “female vagina” looks like. In a talking head, Toby tells the camera he’s sad the public school system failed Dwight so badly in terms of teaching anatomy.

Back in the conference room Michael and the warehouse workers are watching the sexual harassment video. Darryl claims he had sex with a woman from the video. Out in the main room, Jan has just walked in when Michael walks out of the conference room and announces that Darryl “banged” the woman from the sexual harassment video before realizing Jan is there.

“Okay, that’s probably the most obvious statement ever.”
Pam tells the camera her mother is coming to visit her at work today, and since her mom lives far away and doesn’t have a cell phone, it’s adding some excitement to her day. In the kitchen, Jim tells Pam he’s looking forward to meeting her mother because he has some questions, like if Pam ever exhibited receptionist skills when she was little.

Pam doesn’t look up as a woman walks into the office and to her desk. It’s Pam’s mom and Pam jumps up to hug her. As they chat, Michael walks out of his office with the blow-up doll and Pam and Pam’s mom watch, slightly stunned, and Michael walks to the door of the main office and throws the doll down the hallway.

Pam is showing her workspace to her mom as Jim (with a smile to the camera) walks over with the intention of introducing himself. Roy walks into the office right when Jim reaches Pam’s desk, so Jim grabs a jelly bean and returns to his desk. Pam’s mom asks if everyone’s ready for dinner, but Pam says she needs to stay a while longer, so Roy says he’ll be waiting in the parking lot. As Roy closes the door behind him, Pam’s mom turns to Pam and asks in a loud whisper “So which one is Jim?” Pam, embarrassed but a little excited, says “Mom, don’t” and glances over to Jim. The camera focuses on Jim, who can’t hide his smile as he acts like he’s hard at work.

Where’s “The Line”?
Michael is in his office with Toby, Jan and a lawyer named Mr. O’Malley. In a talking head, Michael says he wants to make it clear he doesn’t write what’s in the emails, he just forwards them. “You wouldn’t arrest a guy who’s just delivering drugs from one guy to another.” In the office, Jan asks Michael what the problem is, and Michael asks her where “the line” is. Jan asks if Michael needs to see the video again, and Toby comments Michael talked the whole time.

Michael walks out into the main office and announces he can no longer be friends with any of the employees, and this is his “retirement” from comedy. Jim asks if Michale is giving up “That’s what she said”. Michael says yes, and Jim comments that that’s going to be “really hard” and if Michael thinks he can “go all day long”. Michael’s trying to keep a straight face as Jim tells Michael “You always left me smiling and satisfied, so.” With a nod from Todd Packer, Michael shouts “That’s what she said!” and laughs and Jan tells him to go back into his office.

Jan is chewing out Michael when a man walks in. It’s James P. Albini, a lawyer Michael has hired (saw his ad on a billboard) that specializes in free speech cases. “A motorcycle head injuries, workers-comp, and diet pill lawsuits,” Albini says to the camera. Jan stops Albini and tells Michael that Mr. O’Malley is the corporate lawyer and is on retainer to protect the company and upper-level management. “So I’m not in trouble?” Michael asks. In a talking head, Michael looks much more relaxed as he talks about how he’s been so use to “fighting corporate” he forgets he is “corporate”. “Mo’ money, mo’ problems,” he says.

Many office workers are gathered around Todd Packer as he tells an offensive joke. Michael walks up, and Phyllis gives Michael a “please do something” look as the guys laugh at Todd. Todd starts telling another tasteless joke, about a guy who’s at a nymphomaniac convention. “All these women are smokin’ hot perfect 10s except for this one chick who looks a lot like…” Todd says as he points to Phyllis. Kevin says “Phyllis?” and Michael immediately says that crosses the line. He says Dunder-Mifflin is like a family, and Phyllis is like a “grandmother” (though she’s the same age as Michael). Michael tells Kevin he crossed the line and he needs to go to his corner. Todd tells Michael corporate really got to Michael, and Michael launches in a speech about how he’s the same Michael Scott, and he thinks Phyllis is gorgeous. Phyllis laughs and tells him not to worry, she’s not going to report anything. Michael says the only thing he’s worried about is “gettin’ a boner.”

In his final talking head, Michael talks about how Dunder-Mifflin is a family, but families grow, and at some point “the daddy can’t take a bath with the kids anymore.” Michael affirms he’s upper management, and he couldn’t take a bath with Pam, “as much as I might want to.” In her own talking head, Pam is disgusted as she says “He said what?


  • This episode aired with an adult content disclaimer, apparently because of Michael’s use of the word “boner.” (perhaps also for Dwight’s question to Toby?)
  • A station in Kentucky refused to air this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Michael’s “BFF” Todd Packer, though he has been heard on the phone.
  • Todd Packer’s plate reads “WL HUNG,” which likely stands for “well hung,” but Ryan misreads it to stand for William Hung, a popular American Idol reject.
  • In Oscar’s e-mail inbox, Pam’s last name is misspelled as “Beasly”

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