Random Poll: Jim’s Hair

This is the first installment of the “Random Poll Question of the Week” feature. Each week I’ll post a relatively pointless question and poll, just for fun, and to keep us busy until late September.

Jim's HairThis Weeks topic: The evolution of Jim’s hair.
Floppy hair is the keystone of Jim Halpert’s “look,” but some may go so far as to say his hair is also been an indicator of his moods. Long or short, messy or neat, Jim’s hair seems to reflect his feelings about working at Dunder-Mifflin and the unsure nature of his relationship with Pam. Go to the jump to read the breakdown and to vote on your favorite “Jim hair.”

Season 1
When we first met Jim Halpert, his hair was longish and floppy. It makes Jim look younger and “carefree” in a sense. At this point, Jim still regarded his job at Dunder-Mifflin as somewhat temporary, and his feelings for Pam were still in “crush” territory (albeit a very deep crush).
Jim, season one

Season 2
Here Jim’s hair is shorter, he looks less “boyish” than season 1, but it’s also a bit messy, especially in episodes like “Booze Cruise” and “The Secret” where he had a harder time hiding his feelings for Pam. During season 2, Jim’s feelings for Pam deepened, but Pam’s wedding planning and her never really giving him a clear sign she reciprocated his feelings caused Jim a lot of emotional turmoil. Also, by the end of the season, Jim starts looking at his future beyond Dunder-Mifflin Scranton.
Jim season two

Season 3 (Before “The Negotiation)
In the third season, Jim’s hair started off as short as the previous season, but somewhat neater. However, after returning to Scranton and starting his rebound relationship with Karen, his hair became longer and progressively messier. Despite the outward appearance of a man moving up the corporate ladder and dating a “sophisticated” woman, Jim is a mess inside. He never wanted to move up in the company, and despite his best efforts to get over Pam, the slightest interaction with her reminds him of his deep feelings for her (as well as his deep pain from her rejecting him).
Jim, early season 3

Late Season 3 (Negotiation though Beach Games)
Now, John Krasinski had to cut his hair for a movie role, so most of the blame for Jim’s terrible hair in late season 3 probably rests on a wig John apparently had to wear. But I still think it was somewhat intentional to make Jim’s hair look so bad. Jim’s plan to move on is not working; he’s been dating Karen for months but the feelings just aren’t there, he resorts to all but ignoring Pam because it’s too painful to even be friends with her. He looks like a shell of his former self.
Jim, late season 3

Season 3 finale
Jim gets a haircut for his corporate interview after Karen suggests it. But the fact Jim listened to Karen’s command suggestion shows he is serious about the job. The only way to move on from Pam is to move altogether. But it’s also a sign he’s changing/changed. Cutting his hair never entered his mind when he interviewed for the Assistant Regional Manager position in Stamford, nor when he got the job. He was very serious about going to corporate, that is until a shiny gold yogurt lid landed on his lap.
Jim, in season three finale

Okay, there is it, the evolution of Jim’s hair, now vote:

p.s: I went a little nuts on this post, future polls questions probably won’t be as in depth.


14 thoughts on “Random Poll: Jim’s Hair

  1. I had to go with the classic season two cut, it just never went wrong. Though the Prince Charming look was an extremely close call. 😛

  2. season 3 before the negotiation was the best, out of these pictures. but i also liked it a lot in late season 2, for instance, i think it looked really good in casino night. and it looks really good in the stamford episodes.

  3. gotta say the one before “the Negotiation”, I love it all scruffy, it looks a bit too floppy and limp in Negotiations through beach games though, and than the last haircut is just NOT Jim. so yes there is my opinion 🙂

  4. I love EARLY season three Jim hair. So sexy. I think the shortness or the “neatness” of it along with the little flippy-outers at the bottom just melt my heart. Once I got to that picture I actually felt my face relax and a little smile creep across my face (and a little heart melt moment, too).

    Early Season 3 Jim hair is by far my favorite. Sexy, cuty Jim, indeed.

  5. Well, I thought it would be a Season 2 blowout, but early Season 3 is starting to catch up in the poll! And someone voted for the wig, who did that? 0.o

  6. Gahhh…I can’t decide! It’s probably a toss-up between season 2 hair and early season 3 (which both seem to be the most popular looks). The season finale Jim hair feels more Krasinski than Halpert.

  7. I voted for Season 2 Jim hair…but then i realized just how much i loved the early S3 hair. Dang. Conflict.

    On a minor and slightly off-topic note: That picture of Jim for late S3 is creepy. I mean, compared to the others he just looks…horrible. Ok, back from Jamaica… =P

  8. i love jim halpert, but all of these hairdo’s look the same to me. except for the ned flander’s one at the end of course.

    i like this website!

  9. Well, Kathy, if you don’t see the nuances of Jim’s hair, I’m not sure if you really love him 😉 I’m glad you like the site. I’m getting home internet next week so it will finally get back on track.

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